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Educational resource for textile fabrics, home furnishings and care. Retailer and consumer information, educational presentations from fiber and fabric manufacturers, on-line textile seminar and product knowledge center. Dictionary of fabric terms and con

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  • Fashion Group International, Inc - USA. World wide, non-profit professional organization for the fashion apparel, education accessories, beauty and home furnishing industries, aimed at promoting educational education programs devoted to fashion and to the study of fashion education related businesses through the creati
  • Bradford Textile Society - UK. Membership organization for students, technicians, researchers and education professionals in textiles the yarn and textile industry, primarily education focused on knowledge transfer textiles in manufacturing and management.
  • Merv's Upholstery Videos - Mervin Knudson\\'s homepage featuring instructional videos for education resources and training purposes, geared towards home based upholstery resources businesses. Includes glossary of terms and definitions. Links resources to related sites.
  • Textile Resource Guide - Information resource for traditional design and hand weaving techniques for textiles jacquard and dobby woven fabrics. Also, short descriptions for fibers, textiles yarns and fabric properties and types, finishing techniques and samples textiles gallery. From Holland and Sherry, Lt
  • CyberFibres - Australia. Internet project of the Frances Burke Textile Resource Centre education containing links to biographies, published resources, web sites and the education history of individuals and organizations which have contributed to the education Australian textile and fashion design i
  • Sewing Educator Alliance - USA. Mentoring and support organisation of the Sewing resources and Vacuum Dealers Trade Association, created for sewing resources educators and focusing on training, education and networking resources activities. Members' directory.
  • Textiles New Zealand - Collaborative project of government and industry, dedicated to textiles market and export promotion, education and training, and textiles the improvement of performance of New Zealand\'s textile, textiles carpet, footwear and apparel industries.
  • Linen Learning Center - Consumer resource for information about the various types of cotton fibers, characteristics and types of cotton yarns, mattresses and mattress pocket sizes, and different types of weaves for bed linens. From Precious Bedding.
  • Media Innovations - UK. Developers of CD-rom based multi-media textile learning education and training textiles products. Subsidiary of the University of education Leeds.
  • Textiles Human Resources Council - Canada. Independent, non-profit, non-government partnership between industry, senior resources labour representatives, education and suppliers and end-users of textiles resources and nonwovens, dedicated to education employee training and education resources activities. Career resources. Industry news. L
  • Silk Duvet Guide - Information resource, providing advice on silk filled duvets resources and silk bedding products. Silk care information, silk resources varieties, history of silk and description silk grades.
  • FabricLink - Educational resource for textile fabrics, home furnishings and education care. Retailer and consumer information, educational presentations from education fiber and fabric manufacturers, on-line textile seminar and education product knowledge center. Dictionary of fabric terms and education con
  • Clothing Technology - Handbook for students, supervisors and technicians in the education apparel and education fashion industry, providing descriptions of natural education and man-made fibers, the education processes of fiber blending, education yarn spinning, fabric weaving, knitting, dyeing education and finishing, education leather processi
  • The Bedding Site - Consumer information on beds, mattresses. bed linens, quilts, textiles pillows and textiles accessories. FAQ and glossary of terms. textiles Fabric care symbols guide textiles on PDF file. On/line textiles shopping facility.
  • Fabric Online - A educational resource on the origins, history and textiles manufacturing processes textiles of textile fabrics and the evolution textiles of fashion. Includes links textiles to information on natural textiles and man-made fibers, apparel history and textiles culture, and textiles color significance and uses. From Th

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