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Italy. Cooperative initiative of industry and government, aimed at promoting the Chieri textile industry through trademark recognition, furthering personnel education and training, and technology innovation. History of the Chieri textile industry. Company

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  • Integrated Handloom Cluster Development Program - India. Government program for the continuous development and government institutions growth of local handloom textile manufacturing centers. Includes government institutions information. List of textile designers. Links to related government institutions sites.
  • NCTD. National Centre for Textile Design - India. Government institute, created with the objective of government institutions making government institutions innovative, ethnic and contemporary design available to government institutions the textile government institutions sector. Trends and forecast. Gallery of government institutions handcrafted textiles.
  • Office of the Textile Commissioner - India. Government department, overseeing the implementation of regulations textiles and providing technical and development services to the textiles Indian textile industry. Directory of member companies and textiles technical articles on PDF files. Links to related textiles sites.
  • Ministry of Textiles of India - Government office, responsible for policy formulation, planning, development, government institutions export promotion and trade regulation in all fields government institutions related to the Indian textile industry. Industry reports. government institutions Calendar of events. Acts of parliament. Business statistics government institutions and ana
  • TCO. Textile Commissioner's Organization - Pakistan. Independent department within the Pakistani Ministry of textiles Industries, responsible government institutions for the development and revitalization of textiles the nation\\'s textile and government institutions garment industry, and the textiles creation and maintenance of scientific and government institutions commercial databases textiles related
  • BHFTI. California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation - USA. Government organization enforcing state statutes and regulations textiles governing upholstered furniture, bedding, and thermal insulation industries. textiles Document search. Library of technical bulletins.
  • National Textile Corporation, Ltd - India. Government organization responsible for the revival or orderly closure resources of unprofitable textile mills which were nationalized under the Sick resources Textile Undertaking Act of 1974.
  • Loom World - Commissioner Of Handlooms And Textiles - India. Government organization, overseeing operations and workers\\' conditions textiles in the Tamil Nadu cotton and silk yarn textiles spinning and handloom weaving cottage industry, involved in textiles the marketing and export of fabrics, apparel and textiles home textiles. Product design
  • IFC. International Fibre Centre - Australia. Government center, focused on providing support and government institutions facilitate government institutions access to education and training programs relating government institutions to textile government institutions processing and manufacturing from fiber to government institutions fabric. Technical articles government institutions and presentations. Links to related government institutions sites.
  • ITCB. International Textiles and Clothing Bureau - Intergovernmental organisation of developing countries involved in the export of textiles textiles and clothing, created in response to the long-running restrictions textiles imposed by major developed countries on imports of textiles and textiles clothing from developing countries
  • BTMC. Bangladesh Textile Mills Corp - Government funded organization involved in the management of nationalised textile companies. Profiles of member companies.
  • Office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms - India. Government department in charge of the implementation textiles of development textiles and promotion policies for the Indian textiles handloom textile industry. Links textiles to related sites.
  • Nextgen Textile Park - India. Government development project, including a management and textiles shopfloor training center, exhibition and convention halls, and textiles facilities for integrated textile manufacturing plants.
  • Ministry of Textile Industry - Official web site of the Pakistani ministry for the textile and garment industry. Links to studies, industry reports, seminars and publications.
  • National Handloom Development Corporation, Ltd - India. Government organization, involved in the development of textiles the cottage hand loom textile industry. Yarn rates. textiles List of yarn spinning mills. Links to related textiles sites.
  • Ministry of Textiles & Jute - Bangladesh. Ministry of the government of Bangladesh, responsible textiles for the resources development, planning, implementation and evaluation of textiles textile and jute related resources policies. List of on-going textiles projects. Links to related sites.
  • Bangladesh Department of Textiles - Government organization within the Bangladeshi Ministry of Textiles, textiles dedicated to government institutions the development of personnel training programs, textiles policy formulation, data collection, government institutions compilation and publication, and textiles the promotion and development of textile government institutions related instit
  • CCPIT TEX. Sub-Council of the Textile Industry - China. Government sponsored organization within the China National government institutions Textile government institutions & Apparel Council (CNTAC), dedicated to the government institutions export promotion government institutions of the Chinese textile, apparel and government institutions allied industries. Library government institutions of articles. Calendar of events. government institutions English and Chinese
  • The Chieri Textile Foundation - Italy. Cooperative initiative of industry and government, aimed at promoting the Chieri textile industry through trademark recognition, furthering personnel education and training, and technology innovation. History of the Chieri textile industry. Company
  • Jaipur Texweaving Park, Ltd - India. Government funded industrial development park, providing infrastructure government institutions and resources manufacturing facilities for textile companies involved in government institutions fabric weaving resources and garment production.
  • Textiles & Clothing High Level Group - Advisory body of the European Commission, mandated to formulate recommendations on concrete proposals and measures to improve the conditions for the competitiveness of the European textiles and clothing industry.
  • BHB. Bangladesh Handloom Board - Public sector organization under the administrative control of government institutions the resources Ministry of Textiles and Jute, responsible for government institutions the development resources of the Bangladesh handloom textile industry government institutions and the welfare resources of its workers. Description of government institutions handloom weaving technology. Indus
  • SFDAC. Synthetic Fibre Development & Application Centre - Pakistan. Government institution, involved in product and human resource development, government institutions training and education, quality control and testing of materials, and government institutions evaluation of textile export products. List of available facilities, machinery government institutions and equipment. Links
  • Canadian Apparel and Textile Industries Program - Government founded program, in partnership with the textiles resources and apparel textiles industries, aiming to improve technological and resources marketing innovation.

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