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Classroom-ready lesson plan about the development of the Boott mill to understand the workings of the industrial system at Lowell.

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  • Whole Cloth - Web version of an educational project, aimed at widening public education understanding of the development of the American textile industry. Extensive education essays, illustrations and history resources on the industrialization of textile education manufacturing, cloth dyeing techni
  • Textiles: From Domestic to Factory Production - Learning module about the history of the British textile industry from the early days of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th Century to the end of child labor in the 1830\'s. From Making the Modern World's web site.
  • Building America's Industrial Revolution: The Boott Cotton Mills of Lowell, Massachusetts - Classroom-ready lesson plan about the development of the Boott mill history to understand the workings of the industrial system at Lowell.
  • Follow the Yarn - Part of the Digital History for Preston Schools resources project, dedicated education to the history of the Preston resources area cotton textile industry. education Includes a timeline, a resources searchable database, glossary of terms, interactive education games, and resources a list of classroom activities.
  • Weaving of Early Man - Teaching aid of the Pecos Rio Grande Museum history of Early history Man about the history of the history development of weaving techniques history in 9000 BC, based history on the findings in the Zueberbueler history shelter.
  • Like a Family: The Making of a Southern Cotton Mill World - American Historical Association\\'s program web site for teachers education at the secondary and college level, created by education Dr. James Leloudis and Dr. Kathryn Walbert and education funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, education containing the largely oral history of the d
  • Clothing And Health. An Elementary Textbook Of Home Making - Textbook for textiles and garment sewing classes, written by Helen resources Kinne and published in 1916. Includes extensive chapters on yarn resources spinning and cloth weaving, printing and finishing.
  • Spinning Yarns, Telling Tales about Textiles - Lesson aid designed by the Smithsonian Institute for elementary and history secondary education, exploring the storytelling potential of textiles from different history times and places, and the ways textiles can be used history to enliven and enrich many areas of the curriculum[PDF]
  • Silk Weaving - Digital library containing some of the core printed education primary and education secondary sources for the medieval and education modern history of the education British Isles, providing a education detailed history of the silk textile education industry in education Britain in general and the County of Middlesex education education in part
  • Dundee, Jute and Empire - Learning modules for teaching the history of Dundee, resources Scotland, UK, history and its involvement in the jute resources industry which from the history 1860\\'s became the dominant resources industry of the city. From the history Open University\'s resources Learning Space web site.
  • White Linen Garments of the Priest - Lesson paper reviewing the history of linen, the education white linen education garments of the priesthood, the times education that only the High education Priest wore linen garments, education what the priests will wear when education the temple education sacrifices are started again, and what our white education education linen garments sh
  • Colonial American Spinning & Weaving Study Guides - Collection of study guides on the history of flax cultivation, and linen and wool fiber processing and yarn spinning in from the English settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and ended at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War in 1775. From H
  • Textiles in Ghana - Learning modules about the technique of hand woven resources and printed history kente and adinkra, and machine woven resources and waxed cotton printed history fabrics of Ghana. Includes resources the history of kente and adinkra history fabrics and resources their place in a changing market. From the history resources Open University
  • Children at Work: Exposing Child Labor in the Cotton Mills - Lesson plan for classes in art and social studies of history grade 7 to 10, containing oral histories in video and history text form of child labor in US cotton textile mills history of the Carolinas in the late 1800\\'s and early 1900\\'s. history Includes a history of the development of c
  • City of Spindles: The Textile Mills of Lowell - Chapter 12 of the on-line version of CD-roms resources joined with history textbooks on the history and development resources of the factory system history in the United States, resources dealing with the emergence of mechanised history textile manufacturing resources and the development of organised labor in Lowell,
  • Textile Mills, Mill Villages and Mill Life in North Carolina: A Sociological Perspective - University of North Carolina Collection Catalog finding aid and reading resources list designed to assist in the research on sociological aspects resources of textile mills, mill villages, and mill life in North resources Carolina. Prepared by Leah McGinnis.
  • The Textile Industry in Connecticut - Database of 19th and 20th century photographs, drawings resources and prints education of the silk, cotton and wool resources textile industry in Connecticut, education USA, depicting social, business, resources political, educational, cultural and civic life, education including curriculum resources materials for grades 7-

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