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Exhibition at the National Museum of African Art, focused on the tradition of embroideries, textiles and jewelry from the Kingdom of Morocco.

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  • Zucchi Collection of Handblok Prints - Collection of historic handbloks from 1785 to 1935 for the history printing of textile fabrics, categorised in abstract, cashmere, floral, geometric, history ornamental and pictorial designs, including a description of the handblok history printing technique. Links to related si
  • The URI Historic Textile and Costume Collection - USA. Includes collection of textiles and historic costumes history of the Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and history Design in the University of Rhode Island.
  • Tilleke & Gibbins Textile Collection - Thailand. On-line collection of ethnographic textile materials from resources mainland Southeast Asia and Indonesia, owned and on resources permanent display in the headquarters of the Tilleke resources and Gibbins law firm in Bangkok.
  • Traditional Japanese Textiles - On-line exhibition of traditional printed silk fabrics for kimono\\'s, including on-line exhibitions descriptions of antique weaving, printing and dyeing processes, and histories on-line exhibitions of fabric origins. From the web site of the Cultural on-line exhibitions Foundation for Promoting the National Costume
  • The Emergence Of Ring Spinning In The American Textile Industry - Exhibition organized by the Historical Collections Department of on-line exhibitions the Baker Library Graduate School of Business Administration on-line exhibitions in Harvard University. Includes biography, and links to on-line exhibitions textile articles and resources.
  • Coptic Textiles from Egypt - On-line exhibit of the Rietz Collection of Coptic history Textiles, featuring resources objects from the collection of the history Department of Anthropology at resources the California Academy of history Sciences. Includes a history of the resources Copts and history an explanation of Coptic weaving technology.
  • Wrapped in Pride - Continuing exhibition, exploring the history of traditional Ghanaian weaving and on-line exhibitions its impact on cultures beyond Africa\\'s shores. A collaboration between on-line exhibitions the National Museum of African Art and the Anacostia Museum on-line exhibitions and Center for African American History and
  • Fabric of Everyday Life: Historic Textiles from Karanis - Virtual exhibition of the Kelsey Museum of Archeology resources about the importance of textile fabrics for clothing, resources furnishings, symbolic communication and commerce, as conveyed by resources the collection of historic textiles found at the resources Karanis archeological site.
  • Weaving the Past Into the Future: 100 Years of Textiles at NC State University - Exhibit highlighting the history of the College of on-line exhibitions Textiles at NC State. From early courses on-line exhibitions in weaving and textile design to the development on-line exhibitions of the first synthetic aorta and to the on-line exhibitions present continuing research in textile composite materials for on-line exhibitions spacecraft
  • Maya Textiles: Visions of Identity - On-line exhibition presented in the form of visual history essays combining Maya weaving, photography and text to history creates a window to Maya culture through the history language of cloth. Includes an exhibition essay by history Soel Rodas Calderón, a bibliography and links to history rel
  • The Kasuri Collection of Jeff Krauss - On-line exhibition of a large collection of traditional and antique Ikat printed textiles.
  • Early Islamic Inscribed Textiles - On-line exhibition of inscribed arm bands and textiles, resources originally given by caliphs as a badge of resources honor, favor, and distinction. From The Kelsey Online resources virtual gallery of historic textiles from resources Egyp
  • Textiles from the Index of American Design - On-line collection of representative examples of the handiwork on-line exhibitions of resources American women of colonial and later times, on-line exhibitions articles made resources by professional weavers, as well as on-line exhibitions fabrics produced by resources textile mills in America\\'s early on-line exhibitions years of industrialization. Directory resources of l
  • The Fabric of Moroccan Life - Exhibition at the National Museum of African Art, on-line exhibitions focused on the tradition of embroideries, textiles and on-line exhibitions jewelry from the Kingdom of Morocco.

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