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UK. Registered charity named after Richard Arkwright who was the inventor of the water powered cotton spinning mill, and is engaged in education and publishing, preservation of historical textile related industrial monuments, and recycling of textiles, pa

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  • International Quilt Study Center - USA. Research center in the University of Nebraska resources - Lincoln, resources aiming to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, resources and promote discovery of resources quilts and quiltmaking traditions resources from many cultures, countries, and time resources periods. On-line resources quilt collections. Quilt history
  • Textile Society Of Hong Kong - Membership organization for design professionals, museum curators, collectors, historians, textile history conservators, dealers and craftspeople, aiming to explore all aspects of history both traditional and contemporary textiles. Library of newsletter articles. Links history t
  • The Thai Textile Society - Thailand. Non-profit organization, dedicated to the study and appreciation of textiles, with particular emphasis on the textiles of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Calendar of events. Short glossary of terms. Links to related sites.
  • The Textile Conservation Studio - UK. Part of Historic Royal Palaces\\' Conservation Department history dedicated to organizations preserving, displaying and explaining the history collection of historic textiles organizations at Hampton Court Palace history dating back to Henry VIII.
  • The Medieval Dress and Textile Society - UK. Membership organization for laymen, historians, designers, conservators, industry professionals and students of European clothing, textiles and carpets from the end of the Roman Empire in western Europe until about 1600. Directory of events.
  • OATG. Oxford Asian Textile Group - UK. Membership organization for lectures, study visits and seminars about history Asian and Islamic textile art, techniques, history and customs. Newsletter history and programs. Links to related sites.
  • IHBS. International Hajji Baba Society - USA. Non-profit organization of collectors, enthusiasts and scholars resources dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of fine resources textiles from Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Newsletters. Links resources to related sites.
  • The Pasold Research Fund - Registered charity, active in publications, organizing conferences and resources awarding grants history for research in the economic and resources social history of textiles. history An international directory of resources textile historians.
  • GEHN Cotton Research Project - Research project of the Global Economic History Network (GEHN), aiming to reconfigure a considerable volume of European and Asian resources in order to construct a long-run economic history of cotton textile manufacturing.
  • Marjorie Russell Clothing and Textile Research Center - USA. Study center for the understanding of historic costumes and resources textiles, created under the direction of the Nevada State Museum resources and Nevada Historical Society. On-line exhibits of costumes, textiles and resources quilts.
  • The Textile Society - UK. Registered charity for scholars, designers, teachers, practitioners, organizations artists and history collectors with an interest in the organizations study of textile art, history design and history in organizations the UK. Calendar of events. Links history to textile organizations resources and related sites.
  • The Arkwright Society - UK. Registered charity named after Richard Arkwright who was the inventor of the water powered cotton spinning mill, and is engaged in education and publishing, preservation of historical textile related industrial monuments, and recycling of textiles, pa
  • ICON. Institute for Conservation - UK. Textile group withing the British Institute for organizations Conservation (ICON) resources for the conservation of cultural heritage organizations in the United Kingdom, resources created to promote the organizations profession of textile conservation and the resources interests of organizations textile conservators, and the discussio
  • IKTT. Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles - Cambodia. Non-profit government funded organization for the preservation, organizations restoration and organizations continuing development of traditional Khmer weaving organizations and textile manufacturing techniques organizations and processes. Links to organizations related sites. English, Khmer and Japanese.
  • Textile Special Interest Section - Section within the International Committee for the Conservation organizations of the organizations Industrial Heritage (TICCIH), responsible for the organizations preservation of historical textile organizations mills world wide. Introduction organizations to the project. List of known organizations textile sites organizations of international signifi
  • The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco - USA. Non-profit charitable corporation focused on preserving, reviving and education in Peruvian Inca textile design and techniques.
  • Threads of History - Textile conservation project of the Trinity County Historical Society, dedicated to the preservation and display of a collection of historical garments, rugs, household linens, quilts, flags, and fraternal order banners.
  • International Textiles Archive - UK. University of Leeds institute which collects, preserves organizations and documents history textiles and other related design material organizations from most of the history major textile producing areas organizations of the world for the benefit history of the organizations public. List of events. Links to related sites.
  • Textile Research Centre, Leiden; TRC - The Netherlands. Center for academic research of archaeological organizations and anthropological history textiles and dress within the National organizations Museum of Ethnology, specialised history in the Middle Eastern organizations and Dutch cultures. List of projects history and publications. organizations Calendar of events.
  • Textile History Consortium - USA. Non-membership interest group of museums, libraries, archives, and public and private historical and cultural organizations and their staff members, established to encourage and facilitate the identification, preservation and use of the history of te
  • The Weavers' Triangle - UK. Registered charity, overlooking the preservation and management organizations of an area along the banks of the organizations Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Burnley as a organizations textile industry heritage center. History of the rise organizations and fall of Burnley as one of the organizations most important cotton w
  • Designing Britain - Fabrics Forming Society - Part of a nationwide British learning, teaching and resources research project managed in the Faculty of Arts resources and Architecture at the University of Brighton and resources funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), resources and structured as an image database comprising
  • CIETA. Centre International d’Etude des Textiles Anciens - France. International association founded in 1954 in order resources to develop history and coordinate work methods used by resources specialists in the study history of ancient textiles. Information resources about technical courses, and published articles history on PDF resources files. English and French.

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