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Lyrics of the song performed by Karan Casey, telling the story of textile mill workers in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

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  • The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver - Edna St. Vincent-Milay\\'s ballad about a mother who history didn\\'t have songs and ballads the means to buy clothes for history her child, and froze songs and ballads to death while weaving history cloth during a winter night. From songs and ballads Elizabeth Armstrong\'s history homepage on spinning and weaving.
  • The Lady of Shallot - Alfred Lord Tenneyson\\'s song of Lancelot and weaving history lady of history Shallot.
  • Cotton Mill - Lyrics of a song about the Siluria Cotton resources Mill which was founded in 1869 and closed resources in 1979, written by Don L. Williams.
  • Textile Life - Text transcription of a poem written by Mary Branch in songs and ballads 1938, providing a vivid, authentic portrait of the textile mill songs and ballads workers\\' community struggling to survive during the period of the songs and ballads Great Depression. From the Library of Congress web site.[PDF]
  • Arachne, The Price of Weaver's Pride - Story from Greek mythology about Arachne boasting of her yarn songs and ballads spinning and cloth weaving skills, resulting in Athena turning her songs and ballads into a spider for the remainder of her life. From songs and ballads the Apple Hollow Farm web site.
  • Jute Mill Song - Lullaby written by Mary Brookbank about the work of jute history yarn spinners in the Dundee, UK, jute textile mills of history the early 1900\\'s. Includes notes on the songwriter and her history work.
  • The Four Loom Weaver - Lyrics of the song performed by Karan Casey, resources telling the story of textile mill workers in resources the late 1800\'s and early 1900's.
  • The Good Housewife and her Night Helpers - Scottish folk tale about a woman calling out history for help with the spinning of yarn and history weaving of cloth, and ending up with an history army of unwanted faeries in her home. From history Scottish Folk Tales and Legends by Barbara Ker history Wilson.
  • Legends of Spider Woman - Navajo poet Hershman John\\'s poem about the Spider songs and ballads Woman who empowers women to keep the dream songs and ballads of life alive and encourages them to continue songs and ballads weaving their dreams, even in times of despair songs and ballads and unknowing.
  • Textile Mill Songs - List of songs related to the history of resources North America\\'s songs and ballads textile industry, compiled by music historian resources Robert Burke.
  • At the Humming of the Wheel - Collection of fifteen fairy tales for children related resources to spinning, history weaving and shepherding. Author: Paula J. resources Vester.
  • The Aragon Mill - Lyrics of a song written by Si Kahn songs and ballads resources in 1979, reflecting the despair of workers after songs and ballads resources the shut down of the town's textile mill.
  • The Flax: A Fairy Tale - The story of a flax fiber as it turned into history linen cloth and ended up being fertilizer for the next history generation of flax. From the Apple Hollow Farm web site.

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