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USA. Wholesale and distribution of nonwoven, needlepunch and pressed tension felts and carpets for the steel slitting industry, from polyester, polyamide, wool, kevlar and blends. Also, die cutting, rental and refurbishing services.

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  • Harput Group - Turkey. Exporters of textile wastes in clips, shoddy wipers and rags textiles and yarns. English and Turkish.
  • Gator Wiper Rags - USA. Wholesale suppliers of wiping rags and bar wipers and rags wipers and rags mops, from recycled textile waste products. Also, nitrile wipers and rags wipers and rags and latex gloves.
  • Quality Wiping Cloths, Inc - USA. World wide merchants in cleaning cloths from wipers and rags textiles textile waste. Also, disposable paper based wipers.
  • Industrial Towel & Uniform, Inc - USA. Suppliers of industrial towels, gloves, corporate wear textiles and accessories, wipers and rags floor mats and mops. Industrial laundry textiles services.
  • James Mann & Associates - USA. Distributor of new and used cloth rags, cotton and paper wipers, terry towels, bar mops, absorbent socks, pads, and rolls.
  • B. Levine's Textiles - Distributors and graders of new textile wipers and wipers and rags cuttings. Wipers, rags, and cleaning fabrics for wipers and rags industrial, commercial, car washes, and retail use.
  • Harbor Textiles - USA. Wiping cloths, rags and gloves for commercial wholesale and distribution wholesale and distribution and consumer applications from recycled textiles and wastes. wholesale and distribution wholesale and distribution Also, towels and t-shirts.
  • Texas Ragtime, Inc - USA. Wholesale suppliers of new and recycled textile and nonwoven wipers and wiping rags, mops and towels for cleaning and polishing applications. Also, sorbents, abrasives, dropcloth and sundries.
  • AB Wiper Supply - USA. Wholesale of industrial wiping and polishing materials, wholesale and distribution textiles towels and drop cloths, from recycled textile waste.
  • Applefelt and Wiping Services, Inc - USA. Wholesale and distribution of nonwoven, needlepunch and textiles pressed tension felts and carpets for the steel textiles slitting industry, from polyester, polyamide, wool, kevlar and textiles blends. Also, die cutting, rental and refurbishing services.
  • John R. Lyman Co., Inc - USA. Wholesale of industrial wiping materials, created from wholesale and distribution wipers and rags textile wastes and mill ends. Also, custom sewing wholesale and distribution wipers and rags of protective apparel and converting services.
  • Fab-Tech Co - USA. Import and export of textile and nonwoven remnants and textiles seconds in cartons, on rolls and baled. Also, used clothing textiles and footwear, wiping cloths, and spill control products.
  • Dallas Wiping Products - USA. Distributors of a wide range of textile products for wholesale and distribution hospitality, industrial, commercial and automotive applications.
  • Lawrence M. Barry and Co. - Offers used clothing and textile recycling.
  • Jack Oldham Textiles, Ltd - UK. Stockists of a wide range of wipers for wiping, wipers and rags cleaning and polishing applications, from low lint virgin cotton.
  • Dunya Tekstil, Inc - Turkey. International traders in cotton and synthetic textile textiles wastes, clips, wholesale and distribution shoddy and yarn waste. Also, printed textiles and dyed polar fleece wholesale and distribution fabrics. English and Turkish.
  • World of Wipers, LLC - USA. Wholesale distributors of wiping, cleaning and polishing cloth from textiles recycled textile waste and clothing, and nonwoven seconds and overruns. textiles Technical information and specifications.
  • The Copnick Corp - Canada. Wiping cloths from new and recycled woven textiles and knitted textile fabrics. Private label services. Glossary textiles of terms.
  • Affordable Wiping Cloths - USA. Distributors of terry cloth, bar mops, wash wholesale and distribution cloths, rags and diapers for individuals and a wholesale and distribution variety of industrial uses.
  • Carnegie Textile Co - USA. Traders and distributors of workwear, cheese cloth, textiles and rags from textile wastes and seconds.
  • CTC Supplies - USA. Suppliers of wiping rags, paper wipers, absorbents and janitorial wipers and rags supplies to manufacturers, contractors and the service industries.
  • Kamen Wiping Materials Co., Inc - USA. Wholesale distributors of paper, textile and nonwoven textiles wipers for wholesale and distribution cleaning, spill control and polishing applications textiles in a wide range wholesale and distribution of industrial markets. Also, textiles tack cloth, anti-fatigue matting and disposable wholesale and distribution garments.
  • Carey Wiping Materials Corp - USA. Distributors of disposable cloth and paper wipers. wipers and rags Also, washroom and janitorial supplies.
  • DJ Group - The Netherlands. Manufacturers of wiping products, from textile wipers and rags wholesale and distribution wastes, paper and nonwovens. Detailed product catalogs. Also, wipers and rags wholesale and distribution used clothing and footwear. Multi-lingual site.
  • Wiper Master, Inc - Supplier of industrial wipers, rags, protective gloves and textiles towels.
  • Siraj Group - India. Group of recycling companies, involved in the supply of cotton yarn wastes, and woven and knitted fabrics clippings, cut sizes and rolls for fiber regeneration, and cleaning rags and wipes applications. Also, suppliers of cotton gloves.
  • Buffalo Industries, Inc - USA. Suppliers of wiping towels, industrial cleaning rags wholesale and distribution wholesale and distribution and disposable wipers. Online catalogue.
  • RAW Handel & Beratungs GmbH - Germany. Wholesale distributors of absorbent and waste paper wipers and rags products. Also, sales consulting services. Nonwovens industrial cleaning wipers and rags and wiping cloths and hydrophobic absorbent fleeces. Multi-lingual wipers and rags site.
  • Cohen Rags - USA. Brokers of mixed rags, credential clothing, shoes, wiping cloths, textiles fiber for conversion, burlap bags and textiles.
  • Toronto Wiping Cloth - Canada. Wholesale suppliers of industrial and janitorial wiping wholesale and distribution and cleaning rags made from textile wastes and wholesale and distribution overruns. Also, international traders in recyclable fibers, yarns wholesale and distribution and textile wastes, and used clothing.
  • Metroplex Waste, Inc - USA. Suppliers of rags and wiping cloths for wipers and rags wholesale and distribution industrial and residential uses, from textile waste. Also, wipers and rags wholesale and distribution surgical towels for veterinary and medical applications.
  • A.C. de Jong en Zn. BV - The Netherlands. Converters of textiel wastes, and nonwoven and paper wholesale and distribution first and second grade materials into wiping rags and products. wholesale and distribution Private label services. Detailed catalogs and technical information. English, Dutch, wholesale and distribution German and French.
  • Paragon Microfibre, Ltd - UK. Suppliers of cloth and mops for cleaning textiles and polishing textiles applications, from polyester and polyamide microfiber. textiles Also, trolley systems for textiles floor mopping and accessories. textiles Technical information and prices.
  • Central Trading Agency - USA. Wholesale distributors of microfiber products for cleaning, textiles drying, polishing wipers and rags and buffing. Description of microfiber. Care textiles and use guide. On-line wipers and rags purchasing facility. Links to textiles related sites.
  • RSR GmbH - Germany. Distributors of used textiles and footwear to wipers and rags non-profit and commercial grading companies. Multi-lingual site.
  • Boso BV - The Netherlands. Converters and distributors of textile, nonwovens wipers and rags wipers and rags and paper based wipes, cleaning cloth and absorbent wipers and rags wipers and rags products. Also, sanitary articles and industrial soap. Detailed wipers and rags wipers and rags product information. English, Dutch and German.
  • Hassan International Pvt., Ltd - Pakistan. Suppliers of bleached, natural colored and dyed wipers and cleaning cloth for automotive and institutional markets, from reclaimed rags, and textile and nonwoven seconds and wastes.
  • Sky Lark Traders - Pakistan. Stockists and exporters of textile and cotton textiles wastes for wipers and rags recycling, and a range of terry textiles towel products.
  • Fonora Textile, Inc - USA. Distributors of woven and nonwoven cleaning and polishing cloths, wholesale and distribution from cotton, polyester, microfiber and blends. Also, paint accessories. Detailed wholesale and distribution product catalogs, including technical information. Part of Aronoff Brothers, Ltd.
  • JSC Mitoda - Lithuania. Traders in second hand clothes and textiles, for reuse wholesale and distribution or recycling into cleaning rags for industrial uses. English, Lithuanian wholesale and distribution and Russian.
  • Mountain Textiles, Inc - USA. Woven and knitted wiping and cleaning cloths and towels for residential and industrial uses, from cotton. Detailed price list.
  • The Rag Company - USA. Importers and wholesale distributors of microfiber cleaning cloths, towels, mops, and mitts for household, automotive care, bathroom, optical and cleanroom applications.
  • Buy The Cloth - Distributors of micro-fiber cleaning cloths and products. On-line ordering facility.
  • Jintex - Korea. Manufacturers of woven and knitted cleaning cloth, textiles bath robes, wholesale and distribution turbans and towels, from micro-fiber. Online textiles catalogue. Located in Korea.
  • Riverbend Textiles - USA. Suppliers of industrial wiping products and cleaners.

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