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Free independent international communications program supporting local carsharing projects and programs. Includes video library, idea factory, global directory, news, accelerated learning for governments, and resources.

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World CarShare Consortium* - Free independent international communications program supporting local carsharing projects and programs. Includes video library, idea factory, global directory, news, accelerated learning for governments, and resources.

  • Boulder CarShare - Volunteer based not-for-profit based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. business Includes transportation and logistics fee comparison, location map, and history.
  • - Links to European and North American cities with car sharing transportation and logistics programs, and related resources.
  • ZevNet - Irvine, California, USA based service using low-emissions vehicles. business Includes benefits, charging locations, and link directory.
  • Ithaca CarShare - Ithaca, New York, USA based non-profit. Gives business rate plans, benefits, and news.
  • Smartpilots Pty Ltd. - Ultra low emission vehicles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, Australia. Offers location directory, FAQ and advertising opportunities.
  • Communauto - Quebec, Canada based fleet with service in Québec car sharing City, Montréal, Sherbrooke, and Gatineau. Includes contests, car sharing lost and found, online booking, job postings, and car sharing French language version.
  • City CarShare - Bay Area, California, USA non-profit service with vehicles in San car sharing Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. Includes details of the plan, locations, car sharing global roaming arrangements, and membership application.
  • Vrtucar - Fleet in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Membership, service, and video FAQ provided.
  • Whizzcar - Singapore based service. Offers fleet guide, locations, operating procedures and membership details.
  • Nexus Car Share - Based in Perth, Australia. Details of benefits, locations, rates, transportation and logistics roaming agreements, individual and business plans.
  • Austin CarShare - Austin, Texas, USA based non-profit. Includes founders\\' profiles, locations, fleet details, and online booking.
  • Scoot - Kitsap County, Washington, USA based service. Includes membership application, car sharing locations, rules, and regulations.
  • Cambio Carsharing - Fleets throughout Belgium and Germany. Includes tariffs, car sharing partner car sharing links, and online reservations.
  • Community Car Share of Bellingham - Service in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Offers benefits, membership details, business price list, locations, and history.
  • Avancar - Spain based service with vehicles in Barcelona, Granollers, Sabadell, and business Sant Cugat. Location map, rates, and business plans details business provided along with Spanish and Catalan sites.
  • I-GO Car Sharing - Chicago, Illinois, USA based non-profit service. Includes vision, team, car sharing pricing, individual and business plans.
  • City Car Club - Finland based service with vehicles in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. business Pricing, history, online booking, benefits, and customer profiles provided.
  • Autoshare - Toronto, Ontario, Canada based service. Offers apartment business programs, business car sharing plans, fleet maps, and rate plans.
  • Flexicar - Fleets in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Includes transportation and logistics transportation and logistics benefits, locations, rates, and membership information.
  • GoGet CarShare - Fleets in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Details transportation and logistics business of global roaming partners, rates, locations, and membership.
  • Wikipedia: Carsharing - Encyclopedia entry offering history of the industry, procedures, goals, advantages, limitations, and link directory.
  • Zipcar - Service in multiple markets in Canada, the United business States, and the United Kingdom. Includes history, online business availability checking, membership details, and green benefits.
  • SunFleet - Göteborg, Sweden based service providing environmentally sound cars as part business of the Hertz-Volvo Car Corporation. Offers online booking, facts, business details of the fleet, and Swedish language version.
  • PhillyCarShare - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA based non-profit. Includes membership details, locations, car sharing and vision.
  • Community Car - Service in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Includes locations, business online booking, transportation and logistics interactive location maps, rates and discounts.
  • Hourcar - Fleet in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Procedures, car sharing who\'s qualified, rates, locations, individual and business plans provided.
  • U-Haul International, Inc. - Fleet located in cities across the United States. business Includes business membership handbook, locations, and rate card.

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