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Global organisation of transport workers' unions. The ITF brings together some 533 unions in more than 136 countries in every part of the world, and representing over 5 million trade union members in every branch of transport.

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  • Sailors Union of the Pacific - A union of unlicensed sailors that work in maritime the deck, engine, and steward\\'s departments in U.S.-flag maritime vessels under contract to the Union. The SUP maritime also has collective bargaining agreements with U.S.-flag companies maritime where licensed personnel are also represent
  • IUOE Local 25 Marine Division - Operating Engineers Marine Division. Information and member resources
  • International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots - Represents licensed deck officers, state pilots and other maritime unions marine personnel on U.S. flag commercial vessels sailing maritime unions in international and inland waterways as well as maritime unions crews sailing civilian-crewed military vessels of the United maritime unions States.
  • International Ship Masters' Association - A Great Lakes maritime guild 1886, promoting safety maritime unions in the profession and expressing concerns in maritime maritime unions navigation, engineering and legislative issues.
  • Connecticut Maritime Coalition - A non-profit association facilitating the competitiveness of Connecticut\\'s associations maritime industries. maritime Our cluster network is mostly composed associations of small and medium-sized maritime business. Together, our group associations has reached a consensus on the maritime issues facing associations the maritime indust
  • The Canadian Merchant Service Guild - National association of masters, mates, pilots, engineers and maritime other marine officers.
  • Deep Sea Fishermen's Union of the Pacific - An independent union and the oldest organization of crewmen and skippers in the North Pacific. Composed of longliners who fish primarily in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea and who have a working agreement with the Fishing Vessel Owners' Association
  • Maritime Union Of Australia - MUA represents 10,000 Australian stevedoring workers, seafarers and, as a maritime key affiliate of the International Transport Workers\' Federation, 320,000 of maritime the world's seafarers.
  • International Transport Workers' Federation - Global organisation of transport workers\\' unions. The ITF brings together maritime some 533 unions in more than 136 countries in every maritime part of the world, and representing over 5 million trade maritime union members in every branch of transport.

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