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Virtual cruise ship - vision of a mega cruise ship with interactive plans, 360deg virtual tours, 3D exterior and 3D interior renderings, animations and ship pictures.

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  • Paul Marr's Shipper Waterway - This site is directed at the shipper\\'s/cargo prospective maritime and provides maritime useful links to various maritime interests.
  • Richard Lowery O.C. - A Tribute - Biography, stories and photos of naval architect, recipient of the transportation and logistics Order of Canada and Admiral Jerry Land award. Guinness Book transportation and logistics World Record: ship with most propellors.
  • Pictures of Caco Bay and Old Boats - Old pictures and postcards of casco bay and transportation and logistics its passenger boats.
  • Nautical Software by Aronis Panagiotis - A collection of Mariners software for tankers and transportation and logistics maritime other vessels.
  • Eugene's Marine Resource Page - Useful resources to Canadian Seafarers, but can be used by anyone. Includes a Ship Managing and Crewing agency database.
  • Pictures - Containerships and Freighters - 60 photo albums with more than 1400 ship transportation and logistics maritime photos. Majority are containerships from the top ranking transportation and logistics maritime shipping companies.
  • Navigation and Ships - A collection of information on ships, a section personal pages of travels and a collaborators page.
  • Greek Coastal Passenger & Car Passenger - A database of 464 vessels, conventional, fast monohulls, catamarans, hydrofoils, ACF and AARF, operating in greek water, (Aegean and Adriatic).
  • Sea and Ships - Site with ship photos, including bad weather and maritime operations. Ship maritime descriptions. Shipyard photos. Special attention to maritime Golar and Marasia.
  • Auke Visser's ESSO Tankvaart Mij - Personal experience with the ESSO Tankvaart Mij. NV personal pages and pages about other ESSO ships and ESSO personal pages related shipping companies around the world.
  • Maik Ebel's Schiffsfotos - Photos of all kinds of ships and freighters.
  • Cruise Ship Project - Virtual cruise ship - vision of a mega transportation and logistics cruise ship with interactive plans, 360deg virtual tours, transportation and logistics 3D exterior and 3D interior renderings, animations and transportation and logistics ship pictures.
  • Leif Spangberg - a cruise ship photo collection - A collection of photographs of Cruise Ships.
  • Maritime Home Page for Ole Christensen - Information and pictures of Danish fishing vessels, cargo personal pages ships, transportation and logistics my work as naval architect and shipbuilding.
  • Josef NĂ¼sse Flags and Ships - Collector of house flags of shipping companies and maritime ship photos.
  • Das Ruderhaus - Originally a website in German only, "Das Ruderhaus" now features an English section including cruise reviews and ships reviews, picture galleries, and a "cruise ships on order" section.
  • Sailing Fitout Through November Gales - 60 minute video portraying a year of life on a personal pages Great Lakes freighter. Site also offers variety of freighter goods.
  • The Late, Great Ocean Liners - An on-line encyclopedia of ocean liner and cruise ship history, maritime with hyperlinks to many sites on the subject.

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