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Operates a fleet of the latest-generation full-container vessels, carrying large-scale volumes and heavy weights to the South American, and European markets, as well as carries refrigerated solid and liquid bulk goods, on a global scale.

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  • Polynesia Line - Fortnightly refrigerated and dry container, and breakbulk service ship owners and ship owners and management management between North America and Tahiti, American and Western ship owners ship owners and management and management Samoa, the Cook Islands, and Tonga.
  • Canal Barge Company - A diverse transportation company. Our greatest strength ship owners and management is in long haul towing along the inland ship owners and management waterway between the Gulf Coast and mid-America, but ship owners and management we trade along the entire breadth of the ship owners and management Inland Waterway System.
  • Reederei Schepers - General cargo ship's operator.
  • TurKon Line - Fleet consists of many types of container and multi-purpose vessels ship owners and management deployed and chartered in several different trades.
  • Northern Transportation Company Limited - Canada\\'s only pan-Arctic marine operator providing marine transportation and related maritime services throughout Northern Canada and the Arctic.
  • Reedereikontor E. Biedermann GmbH - Owner and operator, maintain own or partly owned general cargo vessels, and utilize time charter tonnage worldwide.
  • African Leader Transports Maritimes - Main activity is the transportation of timber (logs, ship owners and management sawn timber, other timber products) from the West ship owners and management African Coast ports to any destination worldwide.
  • Atlantic Container Line - ACL is a leading carrier of containers, RORO general cargo cargo ship owners and management and automobiles.
  • Samson Tug & Barge - An Alaskan owned company providing regularly scheduled barge maritime service between Seattle, WA and Alaska.
  • Bering Marine Corporation - Provides highly specialized, contracted marine services to reach ship owners and management water-locked villages and other remote Alaska locations.
  • OT Africa Line - Worldwide Transport Services Focusing on West Africa. maritime Container and maritime RO-RO vessels.
  • RMS - Operating a fleet of modern vessels for coastal as well as sea-river trades in sizes ranging from 1.000 to 4.000 tdwcc.
  • Kingcome Navigation - Operates the world\\'s only two self-loading, self-dumping, self-propelled general cargo log ships, and is an expert at transporting general cargo pulp and paper products.
  • WG&A Philippines - Shipping company operating general cargo and passenger vessels.
  • Aliança - Operates a fleet of the latest-generation full-container vessels, ship owners and management carrying large-scale volumes and heavy weights to the ship owners and management South American, and European markets, as well as ship owners and management carries refrigerated solid and liquid bulk goods, on ship owners and management a global scale.
  • Finncarriers - Dozens of ships suitable for transporting the most diverse types of cargo are employed in our services.
  • TaiYoung Shipping - Operating 16 general cargo vessels in Asia, especially general cargo along the Northeast to Southeast Asia trade route general cargo with service to Korea, Japan, China, and Russia.
  • Horizon Lines - Provides ocean container-shipping services to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto maritime Rico.
  • Matson Navigation Company - The principal carrier of containerized cargo and automobiles between the U.S. Pacific Coast and Hawaii, the Hawaiian Neighbor Islands, the Mid-Pacific Islands and Guam-Micronesia.
  • Crowley Maritime Corporation - Provides cargo liner services throughout the Americas.
  • Finnlines - The Group\\'s own fleet consists mainly of roro ship owners and management and combi-roro vessels designed for the Group\\'s own ship owners and management transport operations.
  • The Great Lakes Group - Tugboats and barges operating on the Great Lakes, general cargo in general cargo the Caribbean and in Hawaii. Bollard general cargo pulls exceeding general cargo 112,500 and low profiles perfect for general cargo manuevering through bridges general cargo and locks. We also general cargo have a full service general cargo shipyard.
  • Sunmar Container Lines - Regularly scheduled container and breakbulk transportation service between ship owners and management the USA, the Russian Far East, and Busan, ship owners and management Korea.
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express Inc - A privately-owned Alaska corporation operating a Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro/Ro) ship owners and maritime management cargo steamship service to Alaska between the ports ship owners maritime and management of Anchorage and Tacoma, WA.
  • Shetland Malta Shipp.Co.Ltd - First shipping company on Adriatic market
  • Grimaldi Group - Cruise-ferries, cargo and ro/ro services from Mediterranean to general cargo West ship owners and management Africa and South America.
  • Tropical Shipping - The premier transportation and logistics provider in the general cargo Caribbean.
  • NSC Arkhangelsk - NSC Arkhangelsk is the oldest Russian shipping company and the general cargo main timber carrier.
  • Hapag-Lloyd Container Line - Hapag-Lloyd Container Line in one of the largest maritime logistics companies ship owners and management in the world. Via Internet we maritime will increase convenience ship owners and management and speed when solving maritime your particular transport assignment.
  • Lys-Line - Providing cost efficient transportation solutions from door to door throughout maritime Europe, based on our liner service between Norway, Sweden, Denmark maritime and UK, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, N.Ireland, Germany, Spain and the maritime Mediterranean.
  • Lykes Lines - Transportation services for containerized, breakbulk and project shipments ship owners and management moving in international trade.
  • SOFRANA Unilines Shipping Company - Shipping company servicing the Pacific Islands.

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