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Buys ships for demolition at Alang, India. They list recent vessels handled, describe information needed for a bid, and note charter and other services they offer.

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See Also:
  • 2nd Global Ship Recycling Summit - Presentations and conclusions from a MARE Forum conference, including a maritime proposed Ship Recycling Industry Charter.
  • Alang Today - Daily reports on activity at the yard, including maritime ships in process, prices, and availability of equipment.
  • Shipbreaking - ILO (International Labour Organization) links and reports covering worker safety, shipbreaking environmental issues, existing international agreements, and proposed improvements.
  • Proposed Shipbreaking of MARAD or Navy Ships in Oregon or Washington - News articles, analysis, and opinions.
  • Report on the visit to Ship Breaking Yard (SBY) at Alang, Bhaynagar (Guiarat) - Report from India\\'s Radiological Physics and Advisory Division on handling maritime and disposal of radioactive materials, with recommendations, as well as maritime an overview of the yard's environmental procedures.
  • End of the Line - Photoessay of the yard at Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Alang Ship Recycling Yard - The Gujarat Maritime Board describes the yards facilities, shipbreaking tonnage, and shipbreaking safety programs.
  • GMS (Global Marketing Systems) - Cash buyer of ships for recycling in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China. They describe their business, the advantages and disadvantages of each shipbreaking yard, and information necessary for a quote.
  • Improving conditions in Shipbreaking - IMF (International Metalworkers\\' Federation) reports and position papers, focusing on working conditions and labor organizing in the yards.
  • Able UK Limited - Billingham. Offer demolition, dismantling and development services including ship breaking, shipyards offshore decommissioning and marketing of reusable equipment.
  • Alang Ship Breaking Yard - Global Security article describes the yard\\'s development, capacity, maritime and current shipyards production, with a brief discussion of maritime industry issues.
  • Chang Jiang Ship-Breaking Yard - Corporate information, details of the yard facilities and the demolition shipyards process, and notes on environmental and worker safety. [English/Chinese]
  • Delta Navigation Co. (DNC) - Buys ships for demolition at Alang, India. They list recent shipbreaking vessels handled, describe information needed for a bid, and note shipbreaking charter and other services they offer.

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