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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) is a cargo consolidator of small shipments in maritime trade, generally soliciting business and arranging for or performing containerization functions at the port. An NVOCC does not own the seagoing vessel. This category is for sites about NVOCC and the businesses focused primarily on providing NVOCC services.

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See Also:
  • Saj Lines [P] Ltd. - Licensed NVOCC with a strong network in India non-vessel operating common non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc carrier - nvocc offering multimode services including LCL and FCL worldwide.
  • I.C.E. Transport Co., Inc. - USA based NVOCC with offices in Poland, the non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc UK, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, Canada and France offering non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc full container load export and import services from non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc North America to Europe.
  • APX - Air Parcel Express, Inc. - Licensed NVOCC providing global on-line pricing.
  • Molax Line (Korea) Co. Ltd. - Korean based NVOCC with worldwide groupage services.
  • Cleve & Zonen Rotterdam - Licensed NVOCC in the Netherlands offering LCL, FCL, business air, groupage, storage, transshipment and custom clearance.
  • Ecu-Line - Licensed NVOCC with offices worldwide.
  • Shipco Transport - Subsidiary of European transportation group Scan-Shipping A/S. With non-vessel operating common transportation and logistics carrier - nvocc offices worldwide, this licensed NVOCC offers LCL, FCL, transportation and logistics non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc import, export and airfreight services.
  • Logistics Associates Network - New York based licensed NVOCC offering bonded cargo transportation and logistics consolidations with direct service from New York to transportation and logistics Lagos, Nigeria. Also offering ship operations, arrivals, departures, transportation and logistics loading and unloading services.
  • Conterm - Licensed NVOCC with a global network of offices business and agents business offering LCL and FCL services.
  • ACE MARITIME SERVICES [P] LTD - Licensed NVOCC based in Chennai, India offering import and export business services to Sri Lanka, the Far and Middle East. Ace business Maritime Services (P) Ltd belongs to the group of G business P Shipping (Pvt) Ltd in Colombo, Sri Lanka and a business fully owned subsidiary of the AJH Gr
  • Arc Logistics Pvt. Ltd. - Licensed NVOCC based in India.
  • Troy Container Line - Licensed NVOCC located in New York City. Full business container load and LCL services from all business points in the USA to all major business destinations. Import consolidations from Asia to main business centers in the United States.
  • See-Sped USA Inc. - Licensed NVOCC and ocean transportation intermediary.
  • Translink Shipping GmbH - This licensed NVOCC located in Hamburg, Germany is non-vessel operating common business carrier - nvocc the regional headquarters of Translink Shipping, Inc. of business non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc Seattle with additional offices in business Asia and USA. non-vessel operating common carrier - nvocc They offer business FCL and LCL services specializing in non-vessel operating common carrier - business nvocc China.

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