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Engaged in the manufacture, fabrication and distribution of rail and trackwork, piling, highway products, earth wall systems and tubular products.

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  • NARSTCO - North American Railway Steel Tie Corporation - Manufacturer of steel track and turnout ties.
  • UCA Railway Equipment - Specialist railway construction equipment.
  • Progress Rail Services - Provides parts and maintenance to railroad systems.
  • Polysum Technologies, LLC - Supplier of thermoplastic railroad cross tie with physical products properties that are superior to wood.
  • Corus Rail - International supplier of track products, steel sleepers, modular platforms, switches and crossings as well as technological, infrastructure and consultancy services.
  • VAE Turnout System - Manufacturer of reilway switches, track components, electronic products monitoring systems and crossings.
  • Harmer Steel - Rail manufacturer
  • Cleveland Track Material - Manufacturer of frog and switch packages, crossings, retarder trackwork and switch stands, hook flange guard rails, expansion trackwork joint and bridge joint assemblies, compound point geometry trackwork turnouts and compromise joints.
  • Tietek - Producers of composite railroad ties and other composite construction goods
  • Safetrack Baavhammar AB - Manufacturer of electronic and automated pinbrazing and Safebond trackwork system. Pinbrazing and Safebond are used for signalling, trackwork grounding and cathodic protections applications.
  • LR55 Rail Road Track System - LR55 is a revolutionary track system for tram and mainline applications. It reduces initial and maintenance costs.
  • Portec Rail Products, Inc. - Provide rail lubrication and friction management systems for trackwork hi-rail, on-board trackwork and wayside application as well as trackwork insulated rail joints, rail trackwork anchors and other track trackwork accessories.
  • Rail Partner Holland - Trackwork maintenance materials.
  • Accutrack - UK based track renewal systems.
  • VAE Nortrak North America Inc - Supplier of new and used railroad trackwork products.
  • Bright-Bond - Suppliers of pinbrazing equipment used for rail bonding trackwork and for attaching cathodic protection cables. Specially designed trackwork bonds and cables, batteries and accessories.
  • Romar Pipe and Rail - Supplier of rail.
  • Ray's Transportation, Inc. - Wholesaler of used railroad ties, relay rail, and trackwork other track material as well as scrap removal trackwork service provider to major rail companies.
  • Industrial Metrics Inc. - Developers of optical measurement software. Specialising in rail wear analysis trackwork and rail grinding.
  • COMAPO - Supply railroad ties, cross ties, switch ties, specially trackwork sized, preserved trackwork and pressure treated.
  • L. B. Foster Company - Engaged in the manufacture, fabrication and distribution of rail and permanent way trackwork, piling, highway products, earth wall systems and tubular permanent way products.
  • P-Tec international - Design and manufacture complete plants for the production products of prestressed products concrete sleepers.
  • Drastic forging - Indian manufacturer of railway track fittings and overhead products electric line permanent way hardware.
  • Pacific Northern Rail Contractors Corp. - Canadian railway construction contractor and supplier of new and used railway equipment and track material.
  • Goldemen - Estonian railway sleeper supplier

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