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  • Pelco Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of traffic signaling hardware.
  • Precision Solar Controls, Inc. - Manufactures traffic monitors, signal lamps, and solar powered signals changeable message transportation and logistics signs.
  • ActOne1 Communications - Indoor, outdoor, mobile, and traffic signal LED message transportation and logistics transportation and logistics boards and displays.
  • IST International, Ltd. - Manufactures intelligent signaling systems.
  • Traffic Signals Controls, Inc. - Traffic control systems and related equipment and services.
  • P. Berghaus GmbH - Manufacturers of traffic signal systems for roadworks, beacons, traffic control mobile warning trailers, warning lamps, protective equipment and traffic control guide elements.
  • Lights To Go - Traffic light controls and signal flashers for collectable transportation and logistics transportation and logistics and automobilia enthusiasts.
  • Union Switch & Signal, Inc. - Manufactures signaling, automation, and control equipment and systems signals for the railroad and mass transit industries.
  • Lingo Industrial Electronics - Distributors of traffic signal and street lighting products and related accessories.

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