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Offering oversize, fuel-tax, and temporary registration trip permits. Online ordering and information on travel and holiday restrictions, road conditions and escort vehicles.

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  • ACS Motor Vehicle Services - Provides service and software solutions to jurisdictions that services process, track and issue motor carrier credentials.
  • Permitax - Fuel Tax Reporting - Provides fuel and mileage tax reporting for IFTA purposes to services trucking companies across North America. Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • Truckers Accounting & Permitting Service, Inc. - Specialized in the fuel and mileage tax reporting to all states as well as permitting. Based in Tampa, Florida.
  • ADCO Transport Associates - UK consultants to the road haulage industry, services services include licensing, public inquiry, administration and tachograph analysis.
  • On The Go Transportation Services Inc. - A full service compliance provider serving the motor carrier industry.
  • TC Permit Service - Offering oversize, fuel-tax, and temporary registration trip permits. services Online ordering services and information on travel and holiday services restrictions, road conditions and services escort vehicles.
  • Road Legal - Specializes in providing the transportation industry with services services that include registrations, obtaining state permits, and fuel services tax reporting.
  • United Fuel Tax Services Inc. - Provides assistance for reports and permits.
  • Road Ready Registration, Inc. - California licensed service that acts on behalf of permits and reporting dealerships, owner operators and fleets to provide registration, permits and reporting titling, permits, and fuel tax reporting throughout the permits and reporting US.
  • Carol's Permit Service Inc. - Provides federal and state authority applications, truck permits, services and road and fuel tax reporting service.
  • Simtax Consultants Inc. - Provides analysis, licensing and reporting services for the transportation industry.
  • Cornelisse Transport Consulting - A consulting company that provides authorities, licensing, fuel services tax reporting permits and reporting and insurance in Canada.
  • West Chester Permit LLC. - Assists trucking companies with oversize and overweight permitting, fuel tax permits and reporting reporting, authority applications and bonding.
  • Tachotech RHS - Provides analysis of tachograph charts and reports on permits and reporting permits and reporting wide range of statistics and infringements.
  • David D. Humphrey, Inc. - Provides consulting services for federal and state transportation services regulations, taxes permits and reporting and DOT safety requirements.

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