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A linear time general purpose sorting algorithm. Included is a description of the algorithm and downloadable executables for Windows computers.

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  • Wikipedia: String Searching Algorithm - Definition, classification, common algorithms, links.
  • WASA - A Java implementation of the Wealthy Adaptative Search sorting and searching Algorithm, a constraint-solving algorithm using a stochastic approach.
  • String Searching With Suffix Trees - Fast String Searching With Suffix Trees by Mark Nelson
  • Suffix Tree - ANSI C implementation of E. Ukkonen\\'s algorithm that computers makes it computers convenient to do string matching against computers a data set in computers O(N) time. Includes source computers code, an interface in Perl, and computers a write-up.
  • FlashSort - Sorting by in place permutation with time complexity O(n) using an auxiliary vector. Papers, animations and implementations.
  • Understanding SoundEx Algorithms - Article describing and discussing the SoundEx searching algorithm and enhancements to make it more accurate. Includes SoundEx conversion form and Open licensed source code in C, JavaScript, and Perl.
  • Nearest Neighbors and Similarity Search - Slides of tutorial, bibliography, list of related researchers, algorithms open problems algorithms in similarity search area.
  • Sorting and Searching Algorithms By Thomas Niemann. - Collection of algorithms for sorting and searching from arrays to B-Trees - theory, examples, implementation.[PDF]
  • Sorting Algorithms Visualized - Applet visualizing various sorting algorithms, English version of Peter Weigel computers and Andreas Boltzmann applet.
  • Compact Guide to Sorting and Searching - Algorithms and data structures. Source code in C sorting and searching algorithms and VB is included. Demonstration applets in sorting and searching algorithms Java.
  • Levenshtein Algorithm For Error-Tolerant Search - Resources on the Levenshtein Algorithm for fault-tolerant search. Website contains computers online demos and efficient implementations.
  • Searching Algorithms - Overview of many sorting techniques and corresponding links.
  • Postman's Sort - A linear time general purpose sorting algorithm. computers Included is computers a description of the algorithm and computers downloadable executables for Windows computers computers.
  • RumAVL - An ANSI C implementation of threaded AVL trees.
  • Sorting Algorithm - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Classification, summaries algorithms of the popular sorting algorithms, links.
  • Sequitur - A method for inferring compositional hierarchies from strings, algorithms useful for algorithms recognizing lexical structure in long sequences. algorithms Examples, source code, description, algorithms publications, and an on-line algorithms demonstration.
  • Suggest Trees - A data structure for rank-sensitive autocompletion that algorithms allows finding computers quickly the top k best-ranking completions algorithms of a given prefix computers and changing the ranking algorithms on the fly.
  • Fast Multi-Pattern Search - A fast algorithm for multi-pattern searching by Sun algorithms Wu[PDF]
  • Three Dimensional Bubble Sort - A specification of a new \\'bubble sort\\' in sorting and searching sorting and searching three or more dimesions, with illustrative images.
  • Fuzzy Search - Approximate search resources on ITman homepage.
  • Robsort GNU implementation - An O(n!) algorithm with downloads for Win98 and computers Unix platforms.
  • AVL and TST Trees Implementation - Navl, the C# implementation of threaded and counted sorting and searching sorting and searching AVL trees in a single class; ternary search sorting and searching sorting and searching tree implementation in C.
  • Sorting Algorithm Examples - Collection of sorting algorithms in C
  • Fibonacci Search in C - Fibonacci search and C sample code.
  • Sequential and Parallel Sorting Algorithms - Description of sorting algorithms with examples
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  • Ternary Search Trees - Fast Algorithms for Sorting and Searching Strings - The original paper and examples by Jon Bentley and Robert Sedgewick.
  • Sorting Algorithms - Overview of many sorting techniques and corresponding links.
  • Discussion of Sorting Algorithms - Sorting algorithms illustration by Mark Baker
  • Search Algorithm - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Classification, summaries of the popular searching algorithms, links.
  • RJ String Matching - New exact single string matching algorithms
  • Quantum Random Walk Search - Search algorithm based on the quantum random walk computers architecture that provides a speed-up similar computers to other quantum search algorithms.[PDF]
  • Sorting Algorithm Visualization Poster - A poster visualizing and comparing 12 famous sorting computers algorithms showing algorithms their distinctive features.[PDF]
  • Common Comparison Sorts - Explanation, algorithm analysis, empirical data, and source code sorting and searching algorithms for the bubble, heap, insertion, merge, quick, selection, sorting and searching algorithms and shell sorts.
  • Fast Median Search - Overview of algorithms to find the median in computers a list of values; implementations and links are computers also provided.
  • GNU libavl - Details of this collection of binary search tree and balanced computers tree library routines by Ben Pfaff. Etext in HTML/PDF/PS computers and source distribution.

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