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Builds and licenses diagnostic software based upon Bayesian Belief Networks for medical, industrial and management applications. Software includes editors/compilers, test/review tools and inference engines embeddable in stand-alone and web-based applica

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Kevin Murphy's list of Bayesian network software* - Most up-to-date list available.

  • BayesBuilder - A tool for constructing and testing Bayesian networks.
  • Charles River Analytics, Inc. - BNetâ„¢.Builder is a desktop application for rapidly creating Belief Networks, artificial intelligence entering information, and getting results. BNet.EngineKit is a developer toolkit artificial intelligence for researchers and engineers to use to embed belief networks artificial intelligence in software applications.
  • XBAIES - Rob Cowell\'s windows-based system for bayesian network inference software and learning.
  • Bayesline - Very generic and free (LGPL) Belief Network Framework in C++ software - supports a broad range of knowledge and dependency types software for network variables and clusters of variables
  • DecsionQ Bayesian Predictive Analysis Software - A data mining software company that has a fully automated software data modeling and predictive analytics package.
  • Knowledge Industries, Inc. - Builds and licenses diagnostic software based upon Bayesian Belief Networks for medical, industrial and management applications. Software includes editors/compilers, test/review tools and inference engines embeddable in stand-alone and web-based applica
  • BNet Desktop Software and Developer Toolkits - BNet.Builder is a belief network software application. BNet.EngineKit provides an artificial intelligence embeddable engine.
  • Pulcinella - Tool for propagating uncertainty through local computations based software on the general framework of valuation systems proposed software by Shenoy and Shafer.
  • JavaBayes - Bayesian networks in Java.
  • Complex Systems Computation Group (CoSCo) - BAYDA software implements Bayesian predictive discriminant analysis, where belief networks the belief networks aim is to build a model for belief networks predicting the belief networks value of one discrete (class, group, belief networks category) variable using belief networks other variables.
  • Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer - Able to learn Bayesian Belief Networks from (possibly incomplete) databases. Algorithm based on the Bound and Collapse estimation method.
  • Belief Net Power Constructor - System based on Jie Cheng\\'s three-phase belief network belief networks construction algorithm. Includes a wizard-like user interface and belief networks a belief network construction engine.
  • BayesiaLab - Bayesian network laboratory producing a broad set of artificial intelligence tools belief networks for structure learning, analysis, adaptive questionnaires, and artificial intelligence dynamic Bayesian belief networks networks
  • AgenaRisk - Bayesian network, simulation and risk analysis software. Supports belief networks exact and approximate inference in hybrid and dynamic belief networks networks for decision support, diagnosis, statistical learning and belief networks prediction applications.
  • CleverSet, Inc. - Develops and exploits proprietary Relational Bayesian Modeling (RBM) software technology and belief networks applications that provide real-time, actionable results software from large amounts of belief networks dynamic, multi-faceted, ambiguous information.
  • WebWEavr-III - WEBWEAVR-III is a Java application that supports the artificial intelligence construction artificial intelligence of Bayesian networks, inference in standard and artificial intelligence dynamic Bayesian artificial intelligence networks and decomposable Markov networks, construction artificial intelligence and verification of artificial intelligence multiply-sectioned Bayesian networks (MSBNs), in
  • Bayesian Network Toolbox (BNT) - Kevin Murphy\\'s MATLAB toolbox - supports dynamic BNs, software decision networks, many exact and approximate inference algorithms, software parameter estimation, and structure learning
  • BUGS - Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling - Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov artificial intelligence chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods.
  • Microsoft Belief Network Tools - Free Windows software for creation, assessment and evaluation artificial intelligence of artificial intelligence belief networks.
  • RISO - Robert Dodier\\'s open source package for distributed, heterogeneous belief networks belief networks in Java - allows different conditional distributions
  • Genie/Smile - GeNIe is a development environment for building graphical decision-theoretic models artificial intelligence running under Windows operating systems. SMILE is its portable inference artificial intelligence engine, consisting of a library of C++ classes, currently compiled artificial intelligence for Windows, Solaris and Linux.
  • Lumina Decision Systems - Makers of Analytica, visual software tool for creating, artificial intelligence analyzing, belief networks and communicating quantitative business models.
  • Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) - Open-source suite of software tools for research and development using artificial intelligence graphical models of probability, published by Kansas State University Laboratory artificial intelligence for Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD)
  • XML Belief Network File Format - Proposed XML standard for describing Bayesian belief networks.
  • SamIam: Sensitivity Analysis, Modeling, Inference and More - A tool for modeling and reasoning with Bayesian networks, developed in Java by the Automated Reasoning Group of Professor Adnan Darwiche at UCLA.
  • HUGIN EXPERT - Hugin - Developers of the Hugin tool
  • MIM - Windows program for graphical modelling.
  • Norsys Software Corp. - Netica is a complete program for working with artificial intelligence belief artificial intelligence networks and influence diagrams. Feature compiles belief artificial intelligence (Bayesian) networks artificial intelligence into a junction tree of cliques artificial intelligence for fast probabilistic artificial intelligence reasoning.

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