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A standard environment for evaluating the performance of learning methods. Includes a number of datasets and an archive of learning methods.

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  • Tradecision - Neural network software for technical analysis and stock market trading. software Demo is available.
  • ECANSE - Provides a development environment for the design, simulation neural networks and artificial intelligence testing of neural networks and their applications neural networks up to artificial intelligence the production of an optimized software neural networks solution.
  • NeuroShell Predictor - Forecasting and estimation software based on neural networks. artificial intelligence Demo software version available.
  • Fann Neural Network for Mathematica - Free interactive environment for Mathematica includes pattern recognition and time-series software prediction samples.
  • Penguinwerks - Open source neural network library to create multi-layer neural networks perceptrons. neural networks Written in C#.
  • Prediction with neural network - Tutorial that includes Java applet for online experiments artificial intelligence with neural networks prediction of a function, including training set artificial intelligence generation and neural networks error observation.
  • Neural Network Models in Excel - Neural network freeware for building prediction and classification models in neural networks Excel. Uses backpropagation. Can handle missing values and categorical data.
  • Artificial Intelligence Recurrent Asymmetric Networks (NARIA) - Open project about simulating human-like intelligence with the software help of neural networks neural networks.
  • Neuropilot Project - Showcases a java applet demo of a trained neural network piloting a lunar-lander type spacecraft over landscapes of various complexity.
  • Pythia - Software for simulation of back propagation neural networks. artificial intelligence Evaluation neural networks version available.
  • NetMaker - Simulates MLP, RMLP and Cascade-Correlation models with dynamic size adjustment neural networks algorithms. Includes various training patterns, error and activation functions.
  • Netlab - A library of MATLAB functions for simulating neural network algorithms based on the book Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition by Chris Bishop.
  • University of Hertfordshire Neural Network Software - Suite of unsupervised competitive learning software written in Java, with neural networks full source code.
  • Neuromat - Model Manager for development of bayesian neural networks.
  • NeuroMine - Neural network COM+ components and development environment for artificial intelligence forecasting artificial intelligence and data analysis. Supports several algorithms. Trial artificial intelligence version is artificial intelligence available.
  • Neural Network Toolbox for MATLAB - An environment for neural network research, design, and software simulation within MATLAB.
  • EasyNN - Neural network software for Windows with numeric, text software and image functions.
  • Lightweight Neural Network++ - Free software project. Implements a general feed forward software neural network software and some training techniques.
  • libF2N2 - An open source neural network library. Implements feedforward neural network classes in multiple languages including C++ and PHP.
  • Simbrain - A free java-based neural network simulation kit.
  • Joone - Java Object Oriented Neural Engine is a free software java neural software net framework. Can be extended writing software new modules.
  • DELVE - A standard environment for evaluating the performance of software learning methods. Includes a number of datasets software and an archive of learning methods.
  • Multiple Back-Propagation - Free application for training neural networks with the back-propagation algorithms.
  • NNSYSID Toolbox - A set of MATLAB tools for neural network based identification software of nonlinear dynamic systems.
  • NeuralWorks - Professional II/PLUS is a neural network development environment. neural networks Available for Windows and Unix. Predict is a neural networks neural network tool for solving prediction and classification neural networks problems. Available for Unix or as an Excel neural networks add-in for Windows.
  • LTF-Cimulator - LTF-C neural networks simulator for solving classification problems.
  • Java library - Open source Java implementation of feed-forward neural nets: software multi-layer perceptrons, artificial intelligence generalized and modular feed-forward networks.
  • Temporal Difference Learning Project - Java sources for temporal difference learning Random Walk artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence Tic Tac Toe.
  • Annie - Open-source neural network library for C++ (Windows and Linux). Support for MLP, RBF and Hopfield networks. Interfaces with Matlab\'s Neural Network Toolbox.
  • Neural Network Framework - Class framework to create neural networks with arbitrary neural networks topology artificial intelligence and mixed type of neurons, developed for neural networks research purpose. artificial intelligence Includes technical information and discussion mailing-list.
  • NeuroBox - An opensource .NET OOP library project written in C# to artificial intelligence generate, propagate and train complex neural feedforward networks.
  • Cortex - A back propagation neural network application.
  • NeuroSolutions - Icon-based neural network development software. Supports several types of networks and training algorithms. Trial version is available.
  • Neuroph - Java open source neural network framework which can be used to create and train common types of neural networks. Site contains full source code, documentation and project info.
  • Alyuda NeuroIntelligence - Neural network software and Excel add-ins for forecasting software and data artificial intelligence analysis. Supports several algorithms. Trial versions software are available.
  • Xerion - Neural network simulator based on C and Tcl. software Made artificial intelligence up of C libraries to build software networks, and pre-built simulators.
  • Amygdala - Open-source software for simulating spiking neural networks, written in C++.
  • Genesis - A platform for simulating complex neural systems.
  • Neural Network Leaves Recognition - A neural network based system to recognize leaves software written in neural networks Java. A Java-Applet is also available.
  • Tiberius - Neural network for classification and regression problems. neural networks Supports software ODBC and Excel.
  • Neurak - A freeware environment for development and application of neural networks artificial software neural networks.
  • Neural Networks at your Fingertips - Neural network simulators for eight different network architectures with embedded artificial intelligence example applications coded in portable ANSI C.
  • NeuroXL - MS Excel add-ins based on neural networks. Designed for predicting, software classification and financial forecasting.
  • FANN - Neural network library implemented in ANSI C. Creates artificial intelligence multilayer neural networks feedforward networks with support for both fully artificial intelligence connected and neural networks sparse connected networks. Supports execution in artificial intelligence fixed point, for neural networks fast execution on systems like artificial intelligence the iPAQ.
  • Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator - Description of the features of the Unix and artificial intelligence X11 artificial intelligence based simulator, information about how to obtain artificial intelligence the SNNS artificial intelligence sources and an online user manual.
  • Torch - A library of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. software Licensed under software the GPL, and designed for Unix software and Linux environments.

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