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Contains historical fidonet documents, information about fidonet in MN, links to fidonet resources, and a historical analysis of the fidonet nodelist.

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  • All about FidoNet - How to join FidoNet.
  • Fidgate - Presents this open source Fido-Internet gateway and Fido tosser.
  • Fidonet Region 19 - Region 19 covers the states of Texas, Oklahoma, computers Louisiana, and Arkansas in the USA.
  • Fidonet Information by the BBS Promotion Team - Resource site about starting a BBS and joining computers FidoNet with a lot of great links.
  • Fidonet over IP - The Fido-over-IP project (FIP) by Lothar Behet, 2:2446/301 aka 2:2/3000
  • FidoTel: The Second Home to Fidonet on the Internet - Provides free access to Fidonet via Web pages, Telnet, and FidoTel Surfer, to Fidonet echomail via QWK, HTML, QWK-HTML and Usenet News Reader.
  • PntChk - Professional pointlist-segment checker by Pavel I.Osipov, 2:5020/770.
  • FidoNet Technical Standards Committee - Contains technical standards, standards proposals and related documents fidonet that have computers been archived and indexed.
  • FidoNet Showcase Project by Frank Robbins - FidoNet History, Resources and Support, Software Developer Resources, computers Tom Jennings.
  • QFE - Qt FTN Message Editor for Linux - QFE is full-featured FTN message editor for Linux with a graphical interface. It written on C++/Qt and does not depend on either KDE or Gnome. All operations with FIDO message base use fidoconfig and smapi packages from HUSKY project.
  • Region 17 of Fidonet - Fidonet Region 17 covers the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and fidonet western and northern Canada. Information, Policies, history.
  • MBSE Home - Offers a collection of open source software for bulletin board systems Unix such as a multiline FidoNet mailer, tosser bulletin board systems and BBS, node list utilities and a bulletin board systems door game library.
  • Fidonet: Region 46 - Explanations from the region co-ordinator.
  • A FidoNet Primer - What is Fidonet? How Fidonet works? How to join?
  • Wikipedia : FidoNet - Presents the history of the network and provides bulletin board systems fidonet information about its organizational, technical and geographical structure.
  • Husky - A collection of open source, OS-independent software for Fidonet including bulletin board systems a tosser, a file echo processor and a message editor bulletin board systems along with several libraries.
  • Fidonet Net 282 - Contains historical fidonet documents, information about fidonet in fidonet MN, links computers to fidonet resources, and a historical fidonet analysis of the fidonet computers nodelist.
  • Fidonet News - Provides the current issue of Fidonews and allows anyone to fidonet subscribe to this newsletter. Also has a comprehensive archive of fidonet previous issues and a tool that makes possible to search fidonet all issues for keywords.
  • Official Fidonet web-site - The main official web-site of FidoNet with a lot of bulletin board systems information.
  • FidoNews - The weekly newsletter of Fidonet community.
  • Node # 75 in Fidonet Network 5004 - To acquire a Fidonet address at and computers become a bulletin board systems Fidonet point for reading/writing echo-areas.
  • Echolist - A database that is used by Fidonet and bulletin board systems bulletin board systems Othernets moderators to record information about conferences (echoes) bulletin board systems bulletin board systems that the networks may carry.
  • FidoNet Region 13 - FidoNet Region 13 serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, bulletin board systems Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia. Current Nodelist/Nodediff, software, bulletin board systems links.

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