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Client/server suite for Linux/Unix operating systems. Includes shxd, a popular Hotline daemon that is integrated into the mhxd application suite.

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See Also:
  • Codebox Tracker - Alternative to the Hotline Tracker daemon software supplied server by Hotline hotline Communications. Provides many features not available server in the original software, hotline including mirroring, HTML reports, server pseudo-server entries, and rule-based filtering.
  • hotwired - A Hotline server for Unix-like operating systems that was abandoned by its creator, currently pending further development.
  • Hotline NetStrangler - Tool to control and limit the network bandwidth software used by hotline a Hotline server, or a tool software to control uploads on hotline a Hotline server. Programmed software in Java.
  • OpenSprings Project - Project of Hotsprings, Inc. that releases the source hotline code to hotline Hotsprings\\' projects under the GNU Public hotline License. The Hotline Connect hotline server source is available hotline under the branch, "OpenLine".
  • Hotline Connect Admin Tool - Tool that analyzes and displays the contents of hotline Hotline server server log files. It also scans the hotline Users directory and lists server basic info on user hotline accounts.
  • SilverWing Server - Server application for the Be Operating System. Versions hotline are available hotline for the x86 and PPC hardware hotline platforms.
  • Wired Server - Server daemon for Unix/Linux and Mac OS X server that supports server the Wired/SSL-TLS protocol as well as server the Hotline protocol. The server Mac OS X version server includes a preferences panel.
  • SynHXD - Client/server suite for Linux/Unix operating systems. Includes shxd, hotline a popular server Hotline daemon that is integrated into hotline the mhxd application suite.

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