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A modern bulletin board system that has many modern and classic features such as file repositories, message boards and chat rooms; online since February 2002.

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  • Jamming Signal - Presents this Commodore 64 Telnet BBS run by Leif Bloomquist computers with photos and a PowerPoint presentation, and also includes a computers freeware server software for Commodore computers.
  • Netcava BBS - A general purpose BBS hosting many freeware and individual systems shareware programs with a notable DOS software collection. individual systems Partly translated in French.
  • Malkavia BBS - Presentation of the system and of its history bulletin board systems along with a telnet link.
  • The Hobby Line! - Offers free access and allows users to chat online, download bulletin board systems files, access the message forums, and play online games.
  • Box 24 BBS Switzerland - Features files, tips and tricks, links and the computers following message individual systems networks: SWISSLink, ILink, RIME, SSI SupportNet, computers SwissNewsExchange.
  • CIS Bulletin Board - Offers e-mail, usenet, fidonet, shareware, online games and individual systems live individual systems chat. Based in the Netherlands.
  • The Pharcyde - A community based on any mediums of artistic bulletin board systems ability, messages, door games, programming and BBS software bulletin board systems and utilities.
  • MordorBBS - A web based BBS/Forum system with attached door-game. bulletin board systems It is designed as an online community for bulletin board systems regular offline BBS system users, and those who bulletin board systems remember the BBS hey-day of the early 1990's.
  • Outer Reaches - Hosts message boards and online games such as the Legend individual systems of the Red Dragon, and also focuses on support for individual systems PCBoard BBS software.
  • WCS Portland - WCS Online is a small ISP/BBS/Online Service that caters to computers individuals that are looking for high quality, low usage, inexpensive computers internet access.
  • Uncensored BBS - A traditional hobbyist Citadel BBS with an emphasis on free speech.
  • The Realm of Serion BBS - Emphasis on door games, including Legend of the Red Dragon.
  • Cyber1 - Offers free access to the PLATO system, which individual systems contains computers over 16,000 of the original lessons, in individual systems an attempt computers to preserve the original communities that individual systems grew up on computers Control Data Corporation mainframe systems individual systems in the 1980s.
  • Roughneck BBS - A modern bulletin board system that has many bulletin board systems computers modern and classic features such as file repositories, bulletin board systems computers message boards and chat rooms; online since February bulletin board systems computers 2002.
  • Falcon BBS - The revival of a Dutch Bulletin Board System from the eighties. Web access is provided in addition to the telnet protocol and a Java-telnet gateway.
  • Fire Escape's BBS - Free Christian family oriented system which offers discussion forums, chat individual systems rooms, real-time multiplayer games and many shareware files.
  • Metro Olografix BBS - Wildcat BBS operating out of Italy.
  • Fox River Network - Focused on sharing experiences, hints, failure and success stories about individual systems gardening, hydroponics, nature, ponding, the environment and other interests.
  • Operator Headgap Web BBS - Provides support for Mac, Amiga, Commodore 64 and individual systems 128 Computers. Download area includes an 8 CD individual systems Library - AMUG CDs, Info-Mac and GIFs.
  • Doc's Place BBS Online - Telnet and web based BBS with full fidonet individual systems coverage.
  • Madison PC Users' Group WeBBS - A non-profit foundation active in bringing computer technologies individual systems to community agencies, schools, and others and more individual systems generally in fostering the use of personal computers.
  • Mac Citadel - A home for nostalgic Mac users of the computers BBS era; also tries to welcome a younger computers generation by offering a Java gateway to those computers who might have difficulties with the telnet protocol.

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