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Supports the Internet and Fidonet while embedding Fidonet messages and Internet news and email together with a versatile web-based, online and offline message reading system.

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IFDC FileGate Project* - Distribution site for SysOp and end user files.

  • Synchronet BBS - Open source BBS that works on the DOS, bulletin board systems Windows, or OS/2 operating system and supports multiple bulletin board systems simultaneous users with hierarchical message and file areas, bulletin board systems multi-node chat, and the ever-popular BBS door games.
  • - User support community for eSoft\\'s The Bread Board System. Includes software forums, documentation, a download section and a BBS list.
  • Cheepware - Freeware DOS-based BBS doors, sysop and general utilities.
  • Telegard BBS - A full featured BBS software including a full message section bulletin board systems with JAM and Squish formats, a full file section w/file bulletin board systems tagging and CD-ROM support, multinode and multilingual support, powerful menus, bulletin board systems scripts, and door support.
  • BBBS - Supports the Internet and Fidonet while embedding Fidonet software messages and computers Internet news and email together with software a versatile web-based, online computers and offline message reading software system.
  • CGTerm - Open source terminal program that lets users connect computers to Commodore bulletin board systems 64 telnet BBSes with the correct computers colours and the correct bulletin board systems font. Also included is computers a client for 64CHAT called CGChat.
  • Gameport - BBS Software - Offers WorldGroup, software for internet-based BBS\'s and shareware software door games.
  • RemoteAccess BBS Software - A BBS software for DOS and the IBM PC compatibles.
  • CompuLink OnLine - BBS door programs, shareware and freeware files for software several operating systems with tech support and user-group software support.
  • Daydream - Daydream is a free and open source BBS solution for the GNU/Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.
  • BBS Archives - A resource collection for BBS Sysops.
  • Hermes II - Presents this BBS package for Macintosh computers and computers some external applications along with information on how computers to develop such applications.
  • SyncTERM - Open source, cross-platform BBS terminal (i.e. client) program that supports ZModem up/downloads, telnet, RLogin, SSH, RAW, and modem connections.
  • Commodore BBS Programs - Briefly presents the history of BBS servers on Commodore computers and their advantages, and offers a collection of these software for downloading along with individual reviews for each application.
  • TeleFinder Internet BBS - MacOS Web Server and BBS with full documentation, bulletin board systems ordering and update information for TeleFinder from Spider bulletin board systems Island Software.

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