2D Drafting CAD and CAM Computers

Software for CAD drafting without 3d modelling capabilities.

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  • ZiPCAD - A drafting program for Palm OS handheld computers, 2d drafting with DXF file export.
  • CadStd - A drafting program for Windows, with a free computers lite version.
  • General CADD Products, Inc. - About the General CADD Pro 2D Windows CAD program, with user forums and a downloadable manual.
  • Delta Cad - A 2D CAD software designed to be easy 2d drafting to 2d drafting use.
  • AndyCAD - A low cost general purpose 2D CAD program.
  • Malz++Kassner GmbH - CAD 5 drafting software for Windows, with plug-ins to support DXF, DWG, HPGL/2 and SVG file formats.
  • A9Tech - Offers the general-purpose 2D CAD program A9CAD supporing industry standar DWG and DXF drawing formats, and the DWG/DXF translator A9Converter, both free.
  • CAD Schroer GmbH - Manufacturer and vendor of the MEDUSA4 parametric 2D cad and cam computers CAD system, and several application specific extensions.
  • ProCAD+ - A computer aided 2D drawing program for Acorn computers RISC OS computers.
  • QCad - A 2D CAD system for Linux, Unix Systems, cad and cam computers Mac OS X and Windows, released as Open cad and cam computers Source for unix based systems.
  • VectorEngineer - A multi-purpose 2D CAD system for technical drawings, designs, and cad and cam isometric visualizations. A free version is available for download.
  • Accucadd - A Windows drafting program, the successor to the 2d drafting DOS cad and cam based RoboCAD.
  • Pressure Vessel Drafting Guide - Detailed instructions on how do design and draft pressure vessels computers with AutoCAD, with examples.
  • Delta Software international - Offer CAD Pro, home design and floor plan drafting software. Include product demo and online ordering.
  • Ascon: KOMPAS-Graphic - 2D drawing and drafting package. [Windows]
  • AllyCAD - A 2D CAD package for the architectural, civil, 2d drafting and 2d drafting mechanical industries.
  • JustCad - A 2D CAD program for Windows, distributed as shareware.

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