Development CAD and CAM Computers

A library for 2-D and 3-D geometric calculation in C, with functions for shape generation, geometric evaluation, intersection, and offsetting and filleting.

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  • Calligraphic Interface for Tridimensional Surface Modeling - An educational project trying to develop a gesture-based computers interface for 3D modeling. It uses wxWindows, ACIS, computers OpenGL and DevIL.
  • Open CASCADE - A 3D modeling kernel that consists of reusable development C++ object development libraries that are available as Open development Source.
  • - Graphics libraries for Delphi developers, such as an cad and cam OpenGL canvas, hidden lines algorithms, and geometry data cad and cam management.
  • Cadmai Software GmbH - Cadmai ist a parametric and relational CAD module development that can cad and cam be integrated as a intelligent viewer development in other applications.
  • Advanced Geospatial Solutions - Offers technology to display and manipulate 3D CAD computers and terrain development models, designed to be embedded into computers GIS, CAD, technical documentation development and e-learning applications.
  • Gardos Software - Avax ActiveX control to view, create, edit, print, cad and cam computers and manage 2D vector drawings.
  • KolbaSoft - The VeCAD 2D vector graphics library can be used to cad and cam create CAD applications.
  • C4W - Offers modelling kernel libraries and related tools for construction, analysis, computers and presentation of 3D models.
  • IntegrityWare, Inc. - Offers libraries for geometric solvers, trimmed surfaces, and polygon optimization, including visualization features.
  • Wout Ware - CadLib is A .NET DXF file manipulation library cad and cam cad and cam with 2D and 3D support that also handles cad and cam cad and cam export to image formats and PDF.
  • LEDAS Ltd. - Provides a variational geometric solver for CAD, scheduling, development planning and other intellectual solutions, using proprietary constraint-based development technologies.
  • Building Block Software - Provides no-cost C library source code for 2D cad and cam cad and cam and 3D geometry operations, boundary offset, area booleans, cad and cam cad and cam milling and turning toolpaths.
  • Soft Gold, Ltd. - AutoCAD DXF tools for developers. ABViewer for Windows development Commander and development Far Manager. 3d DXF viewing and development printing with C++, VB, development and Delphi.
  • Component Ingenuity, Inc. - DWGDOMlib and DXFDOMlib modules for reading and manipulating DWG and DXF files from within .NET applications.
  • Geometry Handling Library - A library for 2-D and 3-D geometric calculation in C, with functions for shape generation, geometric evaluation, intersection, and offsetting and filleting.
  • Weresc - Offers CADE, a CAD ActiveX control to view development and edit 2D vector graphic, with web and development DXF support.
  • Spatial Technologies, Inc. - Develops, markets and supports software components for 3D cad and cam computers modeling, visualization, and interoperability, such as the ACIS cad and cam computers solid modelling kernel.
  • Kotem Technologies Inc. - Offers components for CAD/CAM software, such as the cad and cam 3D Core CAD-engine, the SmartFit 3D best-fitting application, cad and cam and related functionality.
  • D-Cubed - Supplies geometric constraint managers, hidden line and collision detection components to the CAD/CAM industry.
  • DInsight - KernelCAD is an embedded CAD software, which adds computers interactive 3D solid modeling functionality to any Windows computers application.
  • CurveTrainer - A basic experimental lab for geometric shape processing, for learning computers about the mathematical theory and practical manipulation of various parametric computers curves.
  • VectorDraw Drawing Components - Object oriented 2D/3D graphics libraries with AutoCAD file format support, development as well as a web-based version.

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