Raster to Vector CAD and CAM Computers

Category featuring raster to vector conversion programs.

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See Also:
  • Elgorithms MagicTracer - Hybrid graphics and raster to vector converter for Windows that has image editing, vector cleanup, and conversion tools.
  • Siame Editions Vector Eye - Raster to vector converter that exports to SVG raster to vector (Scalable Vector Graphics), PostScript and EPS.
  • Softelec GmbH - Providers of the HybridCAD software for raster to raster to vector vector conversion and AutoCAD line tracing.
  • VextraSoft Vextractor - Windows raster to vector conversion tool for CAD raster to vector and GIS systems.
  • SoftSoft.net WinTopo - A raster to vector conversion program supporting topographic and GIS cad and cam tools for Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Trix Systems, Inc. - Converts scans of engineering drawings and logos to DWG, DXF, HPGL, or IGES.
  • RasterVect Software - The raster to vector conversion program that turns cad and cam cad and cam scanned raster images into vector format on Windows cad and cam cad and cam systems.
  • Consistent Software WiseImage - Line of hybrid graphics editing and raster to vector conversion computers software, as stand-alone Windows programs.
  • Easy Trace Pro - Cartographic raster to vector conversion software with topology cad and cam raster to vector creation, checking, and editing tools.
  • Raster to Vector Software - Converts scanned drawings, maps, and raster images into raster to vector vector files for editing in CAD applications.
  • Arbor Image Draftsman Cutting Shop - Raster to vector software for stand-alone operation on Windows platforms.
  • AutoTrace - Platform independent program for converting bitmap to vector computers graphics distributed computers under GPL.
  • GTXRaster R2V - Raster to vector add-on for AutoCAD and RasterDesign raster to vector compatible with AutoDesk's Image Support Module.
  • Able Software R2V - Vector conversion for scanned maps with tools optimized computers for mapping and geographic information systems.
  • SoftCover Scan2CAD - Scan2CAD raster to vector conversion software with OCR text recognition and editing tools.

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