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On-line hardware/software diagnosis and repair service that fixes windows based computer problems through a 3 step process that includes automated repair, self-help tutorials and live tech support.

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  • Brightonbased - Online help desk for home-users/small businesses.
  • Global Village - Offers free PC tech support from its database.
  • HFT Online - Professional computer help with a personal touch.
  • Remote PC Repair - Consulting, troubleshooting, networking, computer problems resolved fast for product support a low fee.
  • Ask Dave Taylor - Tech support and business questions answered.
  • MyTechSupport.ca - Support portal offering technical support, manufacturer\\'s support site directory, and web based IT career center.
  • NerdHelp.com - Free computer tech support community.
  • Open Tech Support - Online tech support site for techies and newbies, offering reviews, independent tech support guides, FAQs, and free tech support via message boards.
  • PC Support Tips .com - Free access to small business PC support tips product support including hardware, software, data backup, power protection and product support virus protection.
  • Extreme Tech Support - Tech support site and forum to get help independent tech support product support with your computer problems.
  • Amazing Techs - Offers a large variety of free technical support forums.
  • Free PC Tech - Offers free technical support for software and hardware problems, faq, independent tech support downloads and articles.
  • 5 Star Support - Free technical support and troubleshooting. Offer self-help resources, forum and newsletter.
  • Footslog - Answers any questions regarding computers and other topics web based for product support free such as hardware, software, and games.
  • FixMonster - Online service and support center featuring remote computer repair over web based the internet with our remote support software.
  • Geeks To Go - Offers forum based computer help and tech support.
  • Swipesy's Web Studio Help Site - A help site for users of Web Studio.
  • Digital Discord - Provides free technical support, resources, forums, and tips product support to product support the user community.
  • Nibble Guru - Offers free answers for home PC users.
  • xStudio.ca - PC troubleshooting guides and resource tools directory.
  • Compu Clues Forum - Offers FAQs, tutorials, support forums, user groups and independent tech support product support links.
  • ITIS Support - IT solutions company offering a total IT service independent tech support for all your business needs.
  • FreeTechsForum.com - Free Windows OS, Windows software, web development, and web based PC web based hardware technical support from an experienced and web based friendly family web based oriented community.
  • The PC Help Network - A network of knowledgeable and experienced people helping product support those product support with PC problems. We feature one-on-one chat, product support frequently asked product support questions, resources and articles.
  • Farpost - Provides network, internet, software, and consulting services. Services include design, product support maintenance, and remote support.
  • Ask Bob Rankin - Free tech support; computer questions and answers.
  • Pc Pinpoint - On-line hardware/software diagnosis and repair service that fixes windows based product support computer problems through a 3 step process that includes automated product support repair, self-help tutorials and live tech support.
  • LiveWire Tech Support Forums - Free computer, programming, and graphics technical support forums.

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