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Technical University of Valencia, Spain - Logic Programming: semantics, extensions and applications integration of functional and logic programming languages, abstract interpretation, program manipulation.

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  • Arun-Kumar, S. - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - Semantics and Verification
  • Altenkirch, Thorsten - Ludwig-Maximillians University - Type theory, categorical logic, and program verification.
  • Augustsson, Lennart - Chalmers University of Technology - Functional programming and a implementation of computer science functional programming languages, Haskell.
  • Ariola, Zena M. - University of Oregon - Programming languages, formal semantics, people term rewriting systems, lambda calculus, compilers.
  • van der Aalst, Wil - Eindhoven University of Technology - Information systems, simulation, Petri nets, computer science process models, workflow management systems, verification techniques, enterprise resource planning computer science systems, computer supported cooperative work, and interorganisational bus
  • Acharya, Anurag - University of California, Santa Barbara - Operating systems, people architecture, compilers, networking, performance evaluation, active disks, people flexible network services, deep memory hierarchies.
  • Alpuente, María - Technical University of Valencia, Spain - Logic Programming: people semantics, extensions people and applications integration of functional and people logic programming languages, abstract people interpretation, program manipulation.
  • Aiken, Alex - Berkeley - Type systems, static program analysis and computer science abstract interpretation, constraint resolution algorithms, parallel programming, language computer science design, domain specific languages, end user programming, visualization.
  • Abreu, Luis - Escola Secundária de Jaime Moniz - Biography and links.
  • Amarasinghe, Saman - MIT - Compiler optimizations, computer architectures, software engineering computer science and parallel computing.
  • Agrawal, Divyakant - University of California, Santa Barbara - Database systems, a transaction processing, distributed systems, fault-tolerance, large scale information a systems, image databases, workflow management.
  • Ajmani, Sameer - MIT - Distributed systems, software engineering and security.
  • Augusto, Juan Carlos - University of Ulster at Jordanstown - Improvement of computer science generic a tools used in the design of dynamic computer science systems, Applications a in the formalization of devices and computer science protocols in Business a and Industry, Verification of behavioural computer science properties of systems.
  • Artemov, Sergei N. - City University of New York - Distinguished Professor people of Computer computer science Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy
  • Almeroth, Kevin - University of California, Santa Barbara - Computer networks and protocols, large-scale multimedia systems, performance evaluation, distributed systems.

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