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Microsoft Research - Type theory and operational semantics, mostly for applications to language design, semantics, and implementation. Semantic and type-theoretic foundations of object-oriented languages. Global and mobile computation issues.

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  • Cardelli, Luca - Microsoft Research - Type theory and operational semantics, people mostly for people applications to language design, semantics, and people implementation. Semantic and type-theoretic people foundations of object-oriented languages. people Global and mobile computation issues.
  • Crépeau, Claude - McGill University - Cryptographic protocols, quantum cryptography, quantum people teleportation, quantum computer science computing, and coding theory.
  • Cormen, Thomas H. - Associate Professor at Dartmouth, and co-author of arguably the leading textbook on algorithms.
  • Costa, Ernesto - University of Coimbra, Portugal - Artificial intelligence, evolutionary computer science computation.
  • Chakrabarti, Soumen - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Information Retrieval, Text Databases, Data Mining.
  • Ciaccia, Paolo - University of Bologna - Content-based retrieval, data models, computer science query computer science languages, similarity queries, fuzzy retrieval, the M-tree, computer science signature files, computer science grid files, schema-based navigation, structures on computer science the web.
  • Chakraborty, Supratik - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Formal techniques for analysis, computer science Verification, Validation of digital systems, Asynchronous timing analysis.
  • Chandran, Sharat - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Graphics, Computer c Vision, Computational Geometry, Parallel Algorithms.
  • Collini-Nocker, Bernhard - University of Salzburg - Network traffic measurements, LAN interconnection via satellite, and interactive multimedia satellite information services.
  • Carroll, John - University of Sussex at Brighton - Natural language c processing, stochastic lexicalized grammars, shallow parsing and knowledge c extraction, parsing disambiguation and efficiency, parser evaluation, large-scale c grammar and lexicon development, linguistic ap
  • Cohen, Bernie - City University, London - Formal methods and modelling.
  • Ceri, Stefano - Politecnico di Milano - Extending database technology to c incorporate data c distribution, deductive and active rules; object-orientation c design methods for data-intensive c web sites.
  • Cooper, Shane - Collection of programming-related links.
  • Cattani, Gian Luca - Applications of category theory to computer science, semantics c of concurrent people process languages.
  • Chittaro, Luca - University of Udine - Knowledge-based systems (diagnosis, temporal people reasoning, modeling people of physical systems, qualitative reasoning) and people human-computer interaction (desktop virtual people reality, information visualization, 3d, people multimedia and multimodal interfaces
  • Charniak, Eugene - Brown University - Influential researcher in Natural Language people Processing and c Artificial Intelligence. His home page people features some of his c publications, in postscript.
  • Chen, Hubie - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona - Theoretical computer science, logic, reasoning.
  • Cau, Antonio - De Montfort University - Formal methods, verification, reactive c systems, semantics, compositionality, interval temporal logic, executable specification, c re-engineering.

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