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Iowa State University - Temporal, spatial, belief, security, statistical and incomplete data; database models, type hierarchy, languages, user interfaces, optimization, implementation and access methods; pattern matching in spatio-temporal data.

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See Also:
  • Gazdar, Gerald - University of Sussex at Brighton - natural language processing and g computational linguistics, lexical knowledge representation, multilingual lexicons, tree adjoining grammars.
  • George, Deepak - This site is for all in the field of VLSI people design, VHDL/Verilog Coding and Synthesis. It has links to tutorials, people style guides, tips on designing and some useful codes.
  • Gilmore, Stephen - University of Edinburgh - PEPA stochastic process algebra, Standard ML g functional programming language.
  • Ghosh, Subir Kumar - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai - Computational Geometry and Applications, Robot Motion Planning, Geometric Graph Theory and Applications.
  • Ghodosi, Hossein - James Cook University - Secret sharing schemes, society-oriented cryptography.
  • Gupta, Deepak - A collection of funny pictures and optical illusions.
  • G├╝ting, Ralf Hartmut - University of Hagen - Spatial data models and people query languages (algebras), finite resolution geometry people for spatial database systems, extensible spatial database systems, people graphs (networks) in spatial databases.
  • Garg, Naveen - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms
  • Gadia, Shashi K. - Iowa State University - Temporal, spatial, belief, security, computer science statistical g and incomplete data; database models, type hierarchy, computer science languages, user g interfaces, optimization, implementation and access methods; computer science pattern matching in g spatio-temporal data.
  • Ghosh, R. K. - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - Parallel Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, computer science Mobile Computing, PVM, MPI, and Distributed Databases.
  • Gabbrielli, Maurizio - University of Bologna - Formal methods for program verification and g analysis, theory of concurrent constraint programming, program transformations, languages for g real-time applications, logic programming.
  • Gupta, Abhinav - University of Calgary - Routing in Ad hoc Networks.
  • Gibson, Garth - Carnegie Mellon University / Panasas, Inc. - Parallelism in secondary computer science storage system technologies, especially parallel and distributed file systems, disk computer science arrays, and network-attached storage devices.
  • Gousie, Michael B. - Wheaton College - Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics, people as applied g to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Goethals, Bart - Post-doctoral researcher of the ADReM research group at people the University computer science of Antwerp, Belgium. Research topics people are: databases, data mining, computer science and inductive databases.
  • Gibson, Paul - IT SudParis. Personal information, details of research, publications, g and teaching.
  • Gibbons, Nick - Keele University, UK
  • Grumberg, Orna - The Technion - Computer-aided verification of software and hardware, modularity people and abstraction, temporal logics, equivalences and preorders, automata on infinite people objects, theorem provers, static analysis and model checking, coverage in people model checking.

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