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University of New South Wales - Algorithm design, computational geometry, distributed and parallel computing, databases, data mining, and graph layouts.

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  • Lambert, Tim - University of New South Wales - Triangulation of people planar straight line graphs, 3d convex hulls, and people virtual reality.
  • Leifer, James J. - INRIA Rocquencourt - Concurrency theory and programming languages.
  • Levin, Leonid - Boston University - Randomness in computing; algorithmic complexity people and intractability; computer science foundations of mathematics, computer science and people probability; theory of computation; computer science and information theory.
  • Lin, Xuemin - University of New South Wales - Algorithm design, people computational geometry, computer science distributed and parallel computing, databases, data people mining, and graph layouts.
  • Dr. Wes Leggett, Educational Technology Professor & Consultant - Personal website of Dr. Wes Leggett. Information for people on-line and on-campus educational technology courses, links, and people a family album page.
  • Lorentzos, Nikos A. - Agricultural University of Athens - Data modelling, temporal computer science databases, people spatial database systems, image processing.
  • Liu, Hugo - MIT Media Laboratory - Philosophically motivated AI, commonsense people reasoning, assistive l software agents, lexical semantics, story understanding.
  • Lambert, Lynn - Natural language understanding, science education.
  • Lonardi, Stefano - University of California, Riverside - Computational Biology, Data Compression, Data Mining, Information Hiding.
  • Lamport, Leslie - Microsoft Research - Programming languages, Algorithms, Verification. Author of Latex.
  • Lascarides, Alex - University of Edinburgh - Theoretical and computational linguistics, l semantics, pragmatics, logic and knowledge representation.
  • Long, Phil - Theoretical and applied machine learning guy. Contact information l and selected publications.

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