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University of New South Wales - Parallel and distributed computing, heterogeneous distributed computing, groupware and workflow, electronic commerce, network computing, software engineering, object-oriented design and technology.

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  • McCarthy, Diana F. - University of Sussex - Shallow parsing, semantic tagging, natural language processing.
  • Mukund, Madhavan - Chennai Mathematical Institute - logic and models for concurrency
  • Menezes, Bernard - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Information Appliances, Electronic Commerce, m Java Security, Parallel Computing
  • Martini, Simone - University of Bologna, Italy - Type systems for programming languages, logic in computer science, lambda-calculus.
  • Mukerjee, Amitabha - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Geometric Modelling, Robotics.
  • Mayer, Helmut A. - University of Salzburg - Natural computation, image processing, parallel computation, computer science software engineering, and robotics.
  • Mycroft, Alan - University of Cambridge - Semantics and compilation of m programs, static computer science analysis of programs.
  • Montanari, Angelo - University of Udine - Logical specifications of real-time people systems, temporal and object-oriented databases, deductive databases, temporal people representation and reasoning, modal and temporal logic, set people theory.
  • Muthuvelan, K.P. - Graduate student, University of Kansas. Working in the area of routing protocols, network security, information retrieval and operating systems.
  • Moore, Simon W. - University of Cambridge - Self-timed circuits, multithreaded processor design, real-time m systems and the engineering of complex systems.
  • Moddemeijer, Rudy - University of Groningen - Image and signal processing, information theory,model selection, Modula-3.
  • Miculan, Marino - University of Udine - Semantics of programming languages, computer science formal verification of process/program properties, logical frameworks based computer science on typed lambda-calculus.
  • Maes, Stephane H. - IBM T. J. Watson Research Centre - Conversational Multi modal m computing, Mobile speech solutions, Speech recognition, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition
  • Manning, Christopher - Stanford University - Syntax, computational linguistics.
  • Makowsky, Johann - The Technion - Mathematical logic and its interaction with computer people science, database theory, finite model theory, and descriptive complexity.
  • Maheshwari, Piyush - University of New South Wales - Parallel and m distributed computing, computer science heterogeneous distributed computing, groupware and workflow, m electronic commerce, network computing, computer science software engineering, object-oriented design m and technology.
  • Martín, Carme - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Integrity constraints, temporal people databases, deductive databases.
  • McCusker, Guy - School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex - computer science Semantics of programming languages.
  • Misevicius, Alfonsas - Kaunas University of Technology. Design and applications people of heuristics and meta-heuristics for combinatorial optimization problems, people computer-aided design, theory of randomness.
  • Misra, Jayadev - University of Texas - Parallel and distributed computing, people specification and computer science design of synchronous and asynchronous systems.

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