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  • Vemuri, V. Rao - University of California, Davis - Digital Media, Soft Computing, Neural v Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Numerical Methods.
  • van Beek, Peter - University of Alberta - Constraint programming and its application to temporal reasoning, scheduling, and planning.
  • Vlad, Serban E. - Papers in asynchronous automata and binary valued mathematics.
  • Vegter, Gert - University of Groningen - Geometric computing, people computer algebra, and dynamical systems.
  • Vazirgiannis, Michalis - Athens University of Economics and Business - Research on data computer science mining, pattern bases, uncertainty and multimedia.
  • Vidal, Germ├ín - Technical University of Valencia, Spain - Programming Languages, v Functional and v Logic Programming, Multi-Paradigm Programming, Semantics, v Program Transformation, Partial Evaluation, v Slicing, Specification, Analysis and v Verification, Computational Costs.
  • Vishwanathan, Sundar - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Algorithms, Combinatorics, people Complexity theory.

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