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  • Third Millennium - Finds Y2K solutions for PC hardware and software.
  • Enterprise Information Services, Inc. - Providing IV and V, IRI, and remediation services throughout the consultants U.S. using their proprietary tool, LS/2000.
  • Mardon Century Experts, Inc. - Providing Y2K technical investigators and expert witnesses for legacy systems insurance consultants claims and litigation.
  • Quality Specialists - We help companies and small business comply to legacy systems ISO consultants 9000, AS 9000, and QS 9000 international legacy systems standards and consultants provide Y2K readiness reviews.
  • Trinity Millennium Group, Inc. - A global full-service provider of information technology services.
  • WyTech - PC Y2K and network consulants for small and consultants medium sized legacy systems businesses in the North Wales or consultants Cheshire area.
  • Wyant Data Systems Online - Colorado-based IT consulting firm that specializes in Y2K, project management, year 2000 strategic planning, staff augmentation, DBMS, legacy systems consolidation, and systems year 2000 development.
  • Data Integrity Inc - Authors of Millennium Express code cross-checker and validation legacy systems software.
  • Trio - Helps organizations prepare for the year 2000 by providing a word processing document, spreadsheet and data file conversion service.
  • J. Computer Logic Ltd. - Software house specialising in bespoke programming for business legacy systems applications including COBOL Y2K remediation.
  • Utilistar Technical Services - Provides complete Y2K, industrial process monitoring and control, procedure development, year 2000 computer-based training, interface design, and contract staffing solutions.

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