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  • OPUS Systems - Opus Systems is the market leader in providing Unix-based systems for the embedded PC market. Its flagship product is the Turbo SPARCard 5 system for PCs, which provides a complete Sun Microsystems SPARCstation-compatible system in a PC form factor. Cuper
  • Intelligent Systems Services Inc. - Specializing in multivendor UNIX and Oracle consulting, clustering consultants and high availability solutions.
  • Unexia Ltd - Unexia ltd offers unix/network support, setup and design consultants services
  • Digitask Consultants, Inc. - System availability specialists for mission critical computer systems consultants in OpenVMS, computers Unix and NT environments on 32/64-bit consultants LAN/WAN connected, Compaq (DEC) computers and Sun platforms.
  • Expert Systems Consulting - Consultancy for trade service array software and the unix systems electrical unix systems wholesale industry. Also provides web design services.
  • Kappa Computer Solutions, LLC - Software and consulting solutions for UNIX-based systems (including Free BSD, computers Linux, and SunOS/Solaris) since 1974.
  • A.P. Lawrence SCO Unix Consultant - Provides support and services for SCO Unix.

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