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Manufacturers in a number of industrial fields. Information on corporate groups, trade show appearances, about the company, and employment opportunities.

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  • Redback Networks - Provides subscriber management systems enabling ISP to provide broadband solutions.
  • Aware - Manufacturer of G.Lite and xDSL CPE.
  • Orckit Communications - A manufacturer of CPE for HDSL, ADSL, VDSL, FastInternet, Coppertrunk.
  • Tut Systems - Delivers high-speed internet access over copper telephone data communications lines, data communications using wider bandwidth, and is practical in data communications apartment, hotel, data communications home network and other network data communications applications.
  • Billion Electric - Broadband security equipment provider.
  • Aztech System Ltd - Manufacturer of ADSL CPE.
  • ADTRAN - Designs, develops, and manufactures ADvanced TRANsmission products for vendors high-speed digital data communications communications.
  • DCombus - Manufacturer of SHDSL and other DSL equipment including data communications DSLAMs dsl for high speed copper access solutions.
  • Efficient Networks, Inc. - Provides a complete range of fully compatible, easy-to-use DSL solutions.
  • ZyXEL Communications Corporation - Manufacturer of IDSL and ADSL CPE routers.
  • Telecom Technologies, Inc - Softswitch source for telecommunications carriers and vendors. Interoperability data communications and dsl multi-service solutions from the lab, into the data communications network.
  • - xDSL information and lookup referral service.
  • Pulsecom - Provides communications access solutions to carriers worldwide.
  • Midcom - Electrical components for telecommunications and LAN industries.
  • Paradyne Corporation - Developer, manufacturer and distributor of DSL, Frame Relay, dsl Service Level dsl Management and other broadband network access dsl products.
  • Lanode - Manufacturer of xDSL CPE equipment and test equipment data communications for E1 and T1 circuits.
  • EPL - Equipment manufacturer for telecoms test equipment and type vendors approvals.
  • ADC Telecommunications - Offering products, services and integrated solutions to create dsl local loop vendors infrastructures necessary for high speed data, dsl video and telephony services vendors to residential and business dsl customers.
  • Charles Industries, Ltd. - Manufacturers in a number of industrial fields. Information dsl on corporate dsl groups, trade show appearances, about the dsl company, and employment opportunities.
  • Vertel - Provider of telecom network management software and solutions vendors that support vendors multiple management technologies.
  • SPARNEX - A technology company leveraging its in-depth knowledge of copper network infrastructure characteristics and integrated research and development approach into innovative xDSL transmission technology solutions under preferred partnerships with telecommunica

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