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Manufactures industrial ethernet products such as wired and wireless compact rail-mounted switches, firewall systems and backbone switches designed for multiple network applications.

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  • KINGMAX - Designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of PCMCIA cards.
  • Omnitron Systems - Manufacturer of fiber access media converters, network interface data communications devices ethernet and switches.
  • Etherpath - SS-1 Single Port Serial Server Ethernet Modem.
  • Zonet USA Corporation - A networking and PCMCIA expert. Manufacture different types of network manufacturers hardware including NICs, hubs, switches (Giga, Fiber), and wireless.
  • Comet Labs, Inc. - Designs, manufactures, sells and services a family of manufacturers Ethernet and Internet products.
  • SMC Networks, Inc. - Develops network interface cards, stackable, dual speed hubs ethernet and switches for ethernet and fast ethernet technologies.
  • TC Communications - Company that focuses on the reliable design and data communications manufacture manufacturers of optical communications equipment.
  • EZchip Technologies - Network-specific processors enabling 7-layer, multi-gigabit switches.
  • AD-net Technology Co., Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of optical access hardware including switches, manufacturers SDH & PDH systems, GEPON & interface converters.
  • CCC Corp. - Custom cable manufacturing services, computer and network cables, adapters, terminators.
  • FibroLAN - Design and manufacturer fiber-optic and broadband access devices, specializing in new technologies and niche applications.
  • Industrial Network Products - Manufactures highly reliable ruggedized ethernet switch products.
  • SIXNET - Source for industrial ethernet switches.
  • SmartShare Systems - Manufacturer of intelligent bandwidth managers, offering solutions from ethernet small residential to medium enterprise networks.
  • GarrettCom Europe Ltd. - For carrier class Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Fibre Optic Switches, Hubs and media converters.
  • CNet Technology, Inc. - Develops networking and communications products including LAN adapters, dual speed hubs, hi-speed switches, and modems.
  • Silicom - Manufacturer of Fast Ethernet PC Cards/CardBus.
  • Trendware International - Develops Ethernet network hardware under the registered trademark ethernet TRENDnet┬«
  • IMC Networks - U.S. designer and manufacturer of optical access and ethernet fiber media manufacturers conversion solutions for LAN, MAN and ethernet FTTx applications.
  • Kingston Technology Company - Known for their memory products but also make ethernet adapters, hubs and switches.
  • Western Telematic - Reboot or control AC power on network control manufacturers equipment via manufacturers remote control.
  • Intelligent Instrumentation - LANpoint barcode and ethernet data collection terminals web manufacturers site.
  • ZNYX Corporation - Specializes in high-availability/performance LAN solutions.
  • GarrettCom - Designs, manufactures and markets ethernet products for the telecommunications and industrial markets.
  • 3Com - Manufacturer of hubs, modems, NICs, routers, switches.
  • HP Networking Products and Solutions - Manufacturer of networking devices: ethernet, switches, hubs, servers.
  • Syswan Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer that specializes in WAN optimization hardware. Made ethernet for use within SOHO and SMB networks, their ethernet routers provide Internet load balancing by using up ethernet to 8 concurrent broadband links and offer seamless ethernet fail-over features.
  • Refresh Your Memory , Inc. - DNC Communication Software and Network Specialists.
  • D-Link Systems - Manufacturer of hubs, switches, NICs, Ethernet.
  • Quatech, Inc. - Manufactures a complete line of Ethernet to Serial ethernet Device Servers, which network-enable legacy devices equipped with ethernet RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial ports.
  • Ethernet Direct - Company offers a wide selection of Industrial Ethernet switch solutions manufacturers including gigabit, PoE, managed and wide temperature switches.
  • Ethercom - Manufacturer of ethernet hubs, repeaters, transceivers, switches, in manufacturers copper and ethernet fiber optic media.
  • Tut Systems - Lan extension (Over physical distances), xDSL Internet access and home manufacturers networking.
  • B&B Electronics - Design and manufacture a range of computer communications products.
  • Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH - Manufactures industrial ethernet products such as wired and ethernet wireless compact data communications rail-mounted switches, firewall systems and backbone ethernet switches designed for multiple data communications network applications.
  • Prosum - Develops and manufactures cards and switches for ATM, manufacturers Ethernet and data communications Token-Ring networks.
  • Brocade - Develops networking solutions such as fiber blades, switches, routers, sfp\\'s data communications and management software, thus simplifying corporate infrastructure.
  • H3C Co., Ltd - Supplier of routers, Ethernet switches, wireless LAN, security manufacturers and Voice/Video manufacturers over IP and network management systems.
  • EtherWAN - Offer hardened-environment solutions such as ethernet switches, media converters, NIC Cards, SFP's and more.
  • Transition Networks - Designs and manufactures copper to fiber media converters for a broad range of network environments.
  • Xircom, Inc. - Designs, develops, manufactures integrated PC card, PC card data communications and Cardbus communications products for connecting mobile and data communications remote portable PC users to corporate networks, the data communications Internet, and other online services. (Nasdaq: XIRC).
  • Allied Telesyn International - Manufacturer of Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and gigabit networking data communications components.

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