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This report from the European Commission supported Widebeam project provides an exhaustive guide to electronic communications within and between small to medium businesses.

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  • Cazfry's Networking Page - Links to data communications and networking information, specifications, standards, and tutorials.
  • Federal Communications Commission - U.S. government agency for telecommunications regulation.
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) - A serial bus used in distributed real-time control systems (i.e., data communications in cars, industrial automation).
  • Broadband Daily - Publication covering high-speed Internet access, interactive TV, DSL, computers cable modems, packet-switching
  • Raj Jain - Networking Topics - Dr. Jain, Professor of Computer and Information Science data communications at data communications Washington University in St. Louis, makes available data communications his data communications collection of papers, reports, presentations, tutorials, data communications and class notes data communications on the latest networking topics data communications such as ATM traffic data communications management, gi
  • Broadband Guide - On-line resource for products and technologies that deliver voice, data and video.
  • GeekTools - This is a set of technical resources for network engineers computers and system administrators; includes whois and traceroute.
  • Network Cabling Help - Network cabling basics, with tutorials on Ethernet, Token data communications Ring, data communications Fibre, and installation practices.
  • ITPRC - Information technology professional\\'s resource center provides a resource to locate reference information on key technologies.
  • WKMN Training - Provides technical and sales training on networking products and technologies. data communications Includes tutorials, reference library, vendor list, and contact information.
  • Unified Communications - Industry resource for enterprises, vendors, system integrators, and reference anyone interested computers in the growing Unified Communications and reference Unified Messaging arena.
  • ASN.1 Information - Abstract Syntax Notation number one is an international data communications standard notation used in describing transmitted data in data communications telecommunications.
  • CLEC Information - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier resources includes a directory of CLECs and a LATA map; there are also papers on digital switch basics, starting a CLEC, and communications regulation.
  • Widebeam Project - This report from the European Commission supported Widebeam project provides reference an exhaustive guide to electronic communications within and between small reference to medium businesses.
  • MPLS Resource Center - Information on the IETF's Multiprotocol Label Switching Standard.
  • Active IETF Working Groups - A directory of the Internet Engineering Task Force data communications groups reference in these areas: applications, general, Internet, operations data communications and management, reference routing, security, transport, and user services.
  • Insidetelephony - Global telecom portal and magazine for telecom news.
  • - Includes information on WAN/LAN data and telecommunications protocols.

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