Development and Test Tools Telephony Data Communications

Development and test tools for integrated computer and telephone systems

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  • TAPI Applications Source Code - C++ sources of TAPI applications an Interactive Voice development and test tools Response System.
  • Micro Seven - Mini-PBX simulators.
  • Tele Express XII Co. - Provides development services to the alternative telecom operators. Besides, moved data communications to "development and test tools" category.
  • IVR Software Development - Produces TAPI compliant scriptable COM objects to quickly development and test tools embed over-the-phone notification, text paging or SMS into development and test tools applications.
  • Black Dolphin Technologies - Software components for computer telephony integration.
  • CIDMage Caller ID Generator - Software to generate SDMF, MDMF, CWCID and more telephony Caller ID development and test tools signals.
  • Xentec - Create and convert audio and voice files for telephony computer telephony.
  • Calltrol - Object Telephony Server (OTS) platform for integrating telephony data communications support telephony into other applications.

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