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Software that answers phone calls automatically. It guides callers through a flowchart of your design, allowing callers to interact with your database using a touch-tone phone.

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  • Beyond IVR Limited - An IVR hosting company in Hong Kong and telephony China.
  • IVR Technology Group - Provides development and hosting of customized, automated ASP data communications IVR services.
  • Eliza Corporation - Eliza specializes in the design, development, and hosting data communications of voice response systems speech recognition software applications exclusively in healthcare.
  • Telenium's - Provides automated telephone solutions and Interactive Voice Response services to both the public and private business sectors.
  • NextCentra - Develops and commercializes ToolCentra, a graphical IVR builder data communications for voice response systems the TeleVantage IP-PBX and call center platform data communications in Argentina.
  • Insyde Resources, Inc. - Develops Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems utilizing the InterVoice-Brite platform.
  • TeleVoice - Develops interactive voice response, speech recognition, and CTI voice response systems telephony systems. Supplies small call centers to Fortune 500 voice response systems telephony companies.
  • Clear Voice Solutions, Inc - Professional voice prompts for IVR, auto attendant or telephony on-hold applications. Wide variety of languages and media telephony formats.
  • Prairie Systems Interactive - IVR and broadcast system.
  • Call Interactive - Developer of custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
  • Dialogic - Provider of open systems platforms for the converged communications market.
  • Alliance Infotech - Provider of enterprise grade computer telephony components and voice response systems telephony e-business infrastructure software.
  • Xtend IVR - Integrates an IVR system with any application. Xtend IVR emulates a telephony device via sound card, thus allowing developers to create, test, and debug IVR scripts from a single PC with no TAPI support.
  • SQLphone - Software that answers phone calls automatically. It guides data communications callers voice response systems through a flowchart of your design, allowing data communications callers to voice response systems interact with your database using a data communications touch-tone phone.
  • TrueData Technology - Artisoft TeleVantage Configurator and Dialogic telephony products.
  • Real Soft, Inc. - Offers products and voice application and IVR solutions for enterprises data communications enabling customer satisfaction and reducing cost of operations.
  • NewFound Technologies - Provider of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for voice response systems voice response systems Avaya Conversant. Leader in advanced Natural Language Speech voice response systems voice response systems Recognition (NLSR), Speaker Verification, and Computer Telephony and voice response systems voice response systems Web Integration (CTI).
  • Incotesy, Inc. - Provides custom interactive Voice and Web response solutions.
  • Tele-Works - Interactive voice, telephone, and Internet solutions for local voice response systems data communications governments.
  • Shamrock Software GmbH - Develops and sells software for e-mail, data, voice voice response systems voice response systems and fax communications via Internet, ISDN, modems and voice response systems voice response systems satellites.
  • Callista Computer Telephony Inc. - Provides IVR and CTI solutions on the Intervoice, telephony Syntellect and data communications CallResponse platforms.
  • Katalina Technologies Pty Ltd - Develops software to set up IVR, voicemail, auto voice response systems voice response systems attendant and autodialer systems using an intuitive graphical voice response systems voice response systems scripting interface. Uses Dialogic cards or voice capable voice response systems voice response systems modems.
  • Pulse Teleservice Inc. - Provider of managed telephony solutions, such as interactive voice response telephony (IVR) and other voice-based telecom products.
  • Fresh Air Studios - Specialises in recording voice prompts for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voice response systems TUI systems.
  • Cytal Business Systems BVBA - A reseller of digital signage and voice response telephony companies in Europe.
  • Associated Software Corporation - Developer of interactive voice response solutions for businesses in online voice response systems and offline customer service industries.
  • DV Technologies - Designs IVR software and systems with web integration.
  • Coeus Limited - New Zealand company that specialising in providing telephone telephony access to the internet and integrating IVR, Voice telephony Recognition and Text to Speech with new or telephony existing business systems.
  • Sky Creek - Call Notify is a web-base, VoiceXML-compliant platform.
  • Sequs Quality Systems - Custom designed Interactive Voice Response systems, Voice-Enabled Web data communications sites voice response systems and Voicemail systems.
  • Beta Computronics - IVR system provider based in India.
  • voxStream - Provides IVR and CTI software and consulting.
  • IVR Software Development - Provides software to create, run and maintain interactive data communications voice telephony response (IVR) systems for both inbound and data communications outbound call telephony center and voice mail systems.
  • Xminds Technologies - Allows creation of IVR systems using a Windows telephony PC and data communications a voice modem or telephony card.
  • Worldly Voices - Offers translation and voice prompt recordings in 30 data communications languages.
  • Voice Technologies - Provides Interactive Voice Response services, fax, and e-commerce solutions.
  • Chelston Call Systems - Provides audio conferencing, recording, and IVR complete systems.
  • TeleHold - Voice Prompts, IVR and ACD Greetings in any telephony language by data communications TeleHold.
  • iMessaging Systems - Voice response systems for the IBM AS/400 platform.
  • Swiftcall Communications - IVR, SMS and business fax email solutions provider voice response systems telephony in South Africa. Custom designed solutions for business voice response systems telephony communications.
  • TERAVoice Server - Voicemail and interactive voice response server software for TAPI and telephony CAPI based telephony hardware.
  • Active Call Center - TAPI based interactive voice response (IVR) telephony software for voice voice response systems modems or telephony cards. This software includes touch tone and voice response systems speech recognition and text-to-speech generation.

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