Fax Server Unified Messaging Data Communications

Electronic delivery format via web, email, fax, archive, mail-on-demand, wireless message, or print-all with no modifications to the source application.

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See Also:
  • Fenestrae - Fax server software for Microsoft Exchange
  • Quadrant Software - FastFax - iSeries (AS400) Fax and Email server.
  • Equisys - ZetaFax - Network fax software for Windows.
  • INTERCOPE - Fax and Telex solutions with focus on medium unified messaging to unified messaging large size enterprises
  • ActFax Communication - ActFax, Server software for Fax and email for unified messaging Windows data communications and UNIX systems.
  • Imecom Group, Inc. - Send, receive, and manage faxes from the desktop, e-mail client, data communications and most business applications including Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and data communications SMTP.
  • Arcosoft Inc. - Web server based fax server; Send and receive data communications color faxes; Inbound routing by barcode, OCR, DID, data communications DTMF; Long distance relaying over the Internet.
  • Rainbow Software - Fax server and E-mail broadcasting solution
  • Fax2000 - Fax2000 allows the user to print to fax data communications or data communications Email, fax to Email and Email to data communications fax documents.
  • FaxBack - Provider of fax server and fax-on-demand solutions as data communications well fax server as fax development technology.
  • Extracomm Inc. - Fax Server for Lotus Notes/Domino.
  • ClearFax - Desktop fax application.
  • SEPE, Inc. - Plug N' Play Fax Server by Fax*Star.
  • ElectraSoft - Send and receive fax software from a single computer and data communications modem to a network.
  • Omtool Ltd - Designs, develops, markets and supports open, client/server facsimile fax server software.
  • Sagem-Interstar - Boardless SIP/IP fax for IP telephony and unified communications (UC) systems.
  • Gold-Fax - Gold-Fax is enterprise fax server software for Windows unified messaging NT, Windows 2000, and OpenVMS. Send faxes unified messaging from Windows applications, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and unified messaging SMTP e-mail.
  • V*Channel - FAXLink. Interactive Voice and Fax Server software. Supports unified messaging fax-on-demand, fax serving, fax broadcasting, and webfax solutions.
  • Biscom - Fax server and fax software solutions
  • Axacore - Offers fax and document solutions including FaxAgent fax data communications server fax server and XDOC document management solutions.
  • WHFC Windows HylaFAX client - A windows client for the HylaFAX fax server.
  • Castelle - Hardware-and-software network Fax server.
  • Esker - Electronic delivery format via web, email, fax, archive, fax server mail-on-demand, data communications wireless message, or print-all with no modifications fax server to the data communications source application.
  • Ingenium Software - Production fax product at end-of-life, still supported.
  • RightFax - Enterprise fax software, fax servers and electronic document data communications delivery.
  • HylaFAX - Open source system for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages. Includes detailed documentation.
  • Copia International - Windows software including fax server. Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and unified messaging supports custom scripts, IVR, voice and e-mail broadcast.

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