Product and Service Providers 802.11 Wireless Data Communications

This category is where you will find product & service providers that specialize in 802.11 products, otherwise known as Wi-Fi instalations.

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See Also:
  • WiFi Management Software - Provider of hotspot and WISP management software.
  • Xtreme Devices - WiFi calculations, wireless radios, antennas, cables and hardware 802.11 pertaining to WISP deployments and hotspots in Manitoba, 802.11 Canada.
  • PePWave - Municipal Wi-Fi modems, access points, long-haul bridges and central management product and service providers system.
  • Near You Networks - Wireless Internet Service Provider connecting people and businesses wireless to the Internet in New Jersey, USA.
  • Cipherium Systems Co., Ltd. - Supplier of scalable network access controllers for wired and wireless LAN management and roaming service.
  • Florida Wireless - Wireless Internet Service Provider offering turnkey wireless internet 802.11 access solutions.
  • Proxim Wireless - Manufacturer of wireless (Wi-Fi) networking equipment for enterprises and service wireless providers.
  • Azure Communications - Azure Communications develops and markets WiMAX base stations, Wi-Fi and wireless cable extension products.
  • Systech Telecom - Hotel hotspot operator in Hong Kong.
  • Radwin - Offers wireless broadband and backhaul solutions. Based in 802.11 the US and 7 other countries.
  • Leapa Limited - Distributor of Azalea WiFi mesh networking systems. Based product and service providers in Hong Kong.
  • American Wireless Systems - Wireless network systems integrator for hotels, marinas, and apartment communities.
  • Airspan Networks Inc. - Provides wireless local loop systems and solutions.
  • Fire4 Systems - Wireless network products for public internet access.
  • RoamAD - Supplier of networking software for large-scale mobile wireless product and service providers and VoIP over wireless networks.
  • Hospitality Internet - Installation of wireless broadband internet for motels and 802.11 hotels in New Zealand.
  • Wireless Network Products - 2.4GHz wireless network products including access points, bridges, wireless wifi hotspots, wireless wireless internet cards, antennas and cables.
  • Innove Technologies - Wireless hotspot installation and management.
  • Thinwires - A nationwide provider of high-speed wireless internet hotspots for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Azalea Networks - WiFi mesh network products for video surveillance and wireless broadband access. product and service providers Based in US and China.
  • NCI Technologies - We specialize in wireless 802.11 LAN site surveys, 802.11 designs, installations, and certifications in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Fleeman Anderson and Bird - Specializes in 802.11 2.4GHz wireless networking hardware. Offers product and service product and service providers providers online ordering, driver downloads, wireless information and utilities.
  • smartBridges - Manufacturer of outdoor wireless networking products to provide wireless broadband access wireless over wide areas.
  • Solutelia LLC - Wireless network products and services including access points, wireless wifi, voip, 802.11 broadband antennas, wimax, mesh networks and wireless wireless cameras.
  • ITWare - Providing Internet access solutions for the Hospitality market.
  • Broadband Anywhere - Provider of wireless broadband and Voice over IP to metropolitan and regional areas of Australia
  • Wifi Tech - 2.4Ghz WiFi antennas, amplifiers, connectors and range extenders in Australia.
  • Airvenue Inc. - Builds wireless IP infrastructure and service platforms.
  • gMobile - Providing installation, site survey, support and security for wireless corporate wireless product and service providers networks in Canada.
  • WiFi Plus - 802.11 and 802.16 antenna design and manufacture for wireless internet 802.11 service provision.
  • Teleostec - Provider of wire-free, fast internet solutions and professional resources to product and service providers customers and partners throughout the UK.
  • Metrix Communication LLC - Embedded wireless kits for outdoor projects. Make a product and service providers mesh network, community wireless network, hotzone or hotspot.

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