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Has an embedded Bluetooth module with complete stack within the hardware. Provides Bluetooth development platforms based on Linux and products such as access points and serial port adapters.

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  • Hassnet Inc - Provides Bluetooth access point with LAN/PSTN interface, home wireless security system, Bluetooth enabled web pad, and Bluetooth wireless USB dongle.
  • Free2Move - Has an embedded Bluetooth module with complete stack within the bluetooth hardware. Provides Bluetooth development platforms based on Linux and products bluetooth such as access points and serial port adapters.
  • Bluegiga Technologies - Wireless solutions for OEMs, consisting of servers and wireless interfaces for bluetooth machine communication, man-to-machine and business network wireless applications.
  • Socket - Has a connection kit for connectivity between Bluetooth products mobiles, PDA\\'s and computers. Also has other wireless products and networking products.
  • MPI Tech - Provides a Bluetooth printer adapter and printer related products products.
  • L8 Shop - Online retailer supplying Bluetooth and WiFi products for products phones, PC’s, wireless PDA’s.
  • Wireless Cables Inc. - Designs, manufactures and sells Bluetooth based wireless cable-replacement wireless products
  • BeyondBlu Wireless - Website specializing in selling all Bluetooth related products. We products have the latest Bluetooth phones, headsets and accessories for all products your Bluetooth needs.
  • Promate Technologies - Manufacturer of Bluetooth and PDA accessories and digital wireless players.
  • PocketScience - A range of Bluetooth headsets for various phones wireless and applications, products and a carkit.
  • TECOM - Bluetooth USB adapter, embedded Bluetooth module, access point. products Also solutions wireless for 802.11b, ADSL and GPRS.
  • Red-M - Wireless access network solutions, including access points and wireless network management wireless software with integrated Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless support.
  • Motorola Bluetooth - Bluetooth development platforms, applications, cellphones, PDAs and car kits.
  • Daosor - Import and export company Bluetooth hands free kit bluetooth and accessories.
  • UCANC Pty Ltd - Supplies bluetooth headsets, car kits, usb dongles, landline and mobile bluetooth phone bluetooth adapters. Include product information and manuals.
  • Strix - Provides a Bluetooth access solution consisting of access bluetooth points and a network controller, which allows the bluetooth users to move from the range of one bluetooth access point to that of another without disconnection. bluetooth Security related features also provided.
  • BlueRadios, Inc. - Embedded software and hardware wireless data applications, including wireless developer tools, products add-on modules, and access points.
  • Exwell International Ltd. - Sells hands-free communication devices and earsets. Manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless wireless products. China.
  • Brain Boxes - Offers Bluetooth PCI/PCMCIA cards, chips, ASICS and reference designs.
  • Blueunplugged - Online retailer providing wireless communication products for phones, bluetooth PCs, PDAs, headsets and Bluetooth development tools.

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