Satellite Wireless Data Communications

Investigate interoperable hybrid networks that seamlessly link new satellite and wireless systems with cellular, cable, Internet and telephone networks schematic. Includes research information, and staff profiles .

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  • Satlink - Broadband bi-directional internet via Satellite via Hellas Satellite
  • The Saudi Network - Article describing system benefits. Includes VSAT acronyms, and FAQs on the technology, equipment, regulations, and licensing .
  • Optistreams Incorporated - 2-Way satellite internet service provider supplying high speed satellite internet access via satellite. Offering a satellite networking satellite solution for internet networks.
  • Foxcom Fiberoptics - Bringing fiber optic technology, RF over fiber systems, satellite and HFC data communications broadband network solutions for all related satellite fiber-optic companies.
  • SaVi satellite constellation visualization - Software to simulate satellite constellations, such as ICO, satellite Teledesic and other systems mentioned in this directory, satellite in two and three dimensions.
  • R.R. Satellite Communications - through the Intelsat , Eutelsat, PanAmSat ,Arabsat, Nilesat, wireless Thaicom, Telstar wireless and Amos satellites.
  • Intellcom Limited - Satellite solutions for small and medium size enterprises to share high speed Internet access over the LAN.
  • Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication Networks (CSHCN) - Investigate interoperable hybrid networks that seamlessly link new satellite satellite and wireless wireless systems with cellular, cable, Internet satellite and telephone networks schematic. wireless Includes research information, and satellite staff profiles .
  • AP Telecommunications - Design and manage terrestrial and satellite networks for wireless the transmission wireless of corporate data. Includes an overview wireless of services.
  • Digisat, Inc. - Digisat, Inc. offers turnkey satellite communications systems, Internet wireless connectivity, VOIP network, new and used equipment.
  • SeaNet - Provides a range of information on this high-speed wireless satellite, cellular, and other communications technology. Includes project wireless history, capabilities, FAQs, and a glossary.
  • Astutechnologies - Satellite Communications, business electronics, business Broadband Internet access, satellite video conferencing, mobile application, Europe, Middle East and satellite Africa, Marine and other remote locations
  • - Forums about XM Satellite Radio hardware, programming and channels, and financials.
  • GIS Lounge - Describes the relationship with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). data communications Features a range of information including image sources, data communications a small glossary, and links to related resources.
  • RamTelecom - Provider of satellite communications utilizing Telsat Canada technology.
  • Global Technology Limited - Global Technology provides a high-end e-mail, telex and fax solution wireless for remote users anywhere in the world.
  • VSAT Puerto Rico - Commercial grade satellite connectivity internet access. Servicing Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. 50% Savings compared to other Internet Service Providers.
  • Freetimers-dsb: - Satellite broadband for rural areas via satellite and satellite Wi-Fi technologies
  • - Information about satellite radio and XM programming and satellite technology.
  • Lloyd's Satellite Constellations - Information on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, Orbcomm, ICO Global, Ellipso, Skybridge as well as general information on satellites.
  • World Technology Evaluation Center - NASA/NSF Executive Summary.
  • VSAT Systems LLC - VSAT Systems provides an industrial strength satellite Internet solution. VSAT Systems Satellite Internet service is available with upstream speeds of 512 kbps and downloads of 2 mbps.
  • Go Electronic Satellite Radio - Satellite radio antennas and receivers for XM and Sirius Satellite wireless radio.
  • Telemar UK - A world wide supplier of Marine satellite and wireless wireless marine data communications communications equipment, as well as electronics wireless repair and maintenance, airtime data communications and navigational equipment.
  • Linksat - A directory of links to satellite providers and communication providers worldwide.
  • - A useful resource for both novices and experts alike in data communications the field of satellite communications. An online link budget calculator data communications or an anatomy of satellites and satellite communication terminals are data communications explored.
  • Palowireless Satellite Resource Center - Satellite resources for industry professionals. Tutorials, news, conferences, data communications trade shows, market research reports, and books.
  • NASA JPL Optical Communications Group - The Optical Communications Group at NASA / JPL satellite is developing wireless the next generation of satellite communications satellite systems that are 10 wireless to 100 times faster satellite than current state-of-the-art systems.
  • Skyview Satellite Networks - Skyview Satellite Networks is a leader in the wireless distribution of data communications satellite news and sports radio network wireless programming offering current state data communications news and sports distribution.
  • Internet Anywhere - Mobile high-speed 2-way satellite internet access for business, wireless government and satellite RVers.
  • Global Protocols Incorporated - SkipWare is the industry\\'s first commercial implementation of the Space Communications Protocol Standards (SCPS) for satellite and hybrid networks.
  • NJ-Albert - internet par satellite haute vitesse de lincsat optimise wireless par direcway,internet par satellite haute vitesse de lincsat wireless optimise par direcway,internet par satellite haute vitesse de wireless lincsat optimise par direcway,

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