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Provide automated systems that translate a customers data files and then forwards them to business partners via FTP, email, or modem.

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  • Technova - Conversion to and from ASCII and EBCDIC, database conversion and graphics conversion.
  • Mixnet - Provides data conversion, media conversion, and tape transfer companies services.
  • Westech Data Conversion Services - Offers PDF conversion, data entry, OCR and other data management services. Describes services and client list.
  • ADHITYA Computers - Data conversion services. Also provides data management, processing, data formats and medical transcription. Located at Madurai, India.
  • International Business Data - Legacy data conversion to SGML, XML, HTML and database specific formats, also offering data entry, scanning, OCR and data tracking.
  • - Data and Media conversion services from tapes, cartridges, conversion disks, and data formats CD. File reformatting, EBCDIC/ASCII, packed conversion and binary translations.
  • Data Conversion Resource, Inc - Data and media conversion, specializing in custom database companies conversion to data formats most common formats including Access, dBase, companies Filemaker Pro, FoxPro, Excel.
  • Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc - Provides a range of data conversion software to convert various word processing file formats to HTML.
  • - Offers data conversion, CAD/GIS, web design, software development, and data data formats entry services.
  • Data Conversion Center - Complete database conversion solutions. Services include DTD design conversion for conversion SGML, HTML and XML document formats, conversion database programming, data entry, conversion proof reading, OCR, and conversion scanning.
  • Datalyst - Transforms electronic, paper, video, or audio information to data formats a conversion range of digital formats, including XML, HTML, data formats PDF. Also conversion offers data entry, OCR, archiving, storage data formats and retrieval.
  • eDoc Publish Inc. File Conversion - Data conversion from and to formats such as data formats SGML, companies HTML, PDF, Quark Express, Illustrator, Photoshop and data formats Microsoft Word.
  • Data Saviors - Digital-to-digital conversion solutions specialist.
  • DataRide - Provide automated systems that translate a customers data companies files and conversion then forwards them to business partners companies via FTP, email, or conversion modem.
  • DNC Data - Data conversion service to XML, SGML, HTML and various E-book Formats from paper and electronic formats.
  • Document Solutions, Inc. - Specializing in high-volume paper to PDF conversions.
  • AEL Data - Provide data content and management services, including data companies analysis and data formats then conversion to a customized XML companies format. Data can data formats also be converted to companies PDF, Quark, Word and Excel formats.
  • Southport Data Systems - Data and document conversion services, including data entry, document imaging data formats and OCR, with exchange to HTML, XML, PDF, MS Office, data formats SQL, Xbase and text.
  • Data Conversion Laboratory - Data Conversion and Document Conversion Service to XML, SGML, HTML and OeB from paper and electronic source formats such as Quark, Interleaf, FrameMaker and PageMaker.
  • Data Conversion Associates - Offer a wide range of data and media conversion services.
  • Adaptive Conversions - Legacy media and data conversion and duplication to conversion CD, DVD, companies DLT. Lists supported media.
  • J. E. Brown - Recovery service for legacy data on 80-column IBM punch cards, conversion from either mailed-in cards or scanned images. Price list and conversion scanning instructions.
  • CornerMark - Providers of PC-to-Mac and Mac-to-PC file conversion services.
  • Data-Flo - Offering paper to Word or PDF, Quark to companies HTML, paper conversion to XML, and legacy conversions.
  • Advanced Downloading Ltd - Provides data conversion, disk recovery, media duplication and data formats media companies packaging services.
  • Transform Digital - Services to exchange between many system, image, host, OS, database companies and media formats, specializing in Computer On-Line Data (COLD) warehousing companies data, document imaging and check imaging.
  • TagWrite - Conversion services from WordPerfect, Bookmaster, DCF, Interleaf, Quicksilver companies and Ventura companies to RTF, XML, MS Word. Describes companies transformation software and company companies history.
  • - Provides data conversion services covering over 3,000 formats.
  • eMag Solutions - Provide data, media and format conversion services and software.
  • Technology Consultants - Specializes in system to system conversions for different industries, including data formats public safety, medical, dental, permit planning and utility billing. Also data formats offers custom interface design and data extraction.
  • InterTech Training & Consulting - Specializes in conversions for enterprise archival systems. Details of products and services available.
  • Data Input Services - Offer a full range of data processing services including document preparation, data entry/conversion, and image keying.
  • Commercial and General Systems - Processes data, audio and video on tape or disk into companies other formats, also offering data recover and duplication services.
  • Disc Interchange Service Company - Details of the mainframe to PC data media companies conversion services available.
  • EMag - InterMedia can supply data, media and format bureau conversion services or software.

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