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  • Unisys Not Suing (most) Webmasters for Using GIFs - From "If you use GIF graphics created gif with certain news and media freeware programs, your chosen program uses gif LZW compression to create news and media GIFs without license to gif use it, you may be violating news and media a Unisys gif patent."
  • Fugitive From Justice - Account by Lincoln B. Stein, in Webtechniques.
  • Pigdog Journal (Laughable Technology) -- Unisys Is a Bunch of Retards - "Eventually, with this pressure, EVERYONE is going to gif ditch GIF news and media in favor of PNG. Web folks gif will stop asking image news and media software vendors to support gif GIFs, and the software guys won\\'t news and media want to gif pay the license fees so they\\'ll just stop news and media gif supporting GIF."

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