JPEG2000 2D Graphics Data Formats

A two-dimensional image coding specification using compression techniques.

    Top: Computers: Data Formats: Graphics: 2D: JPEG2000

  • Morgan JPEG Toolbox - VideoForWindow and DirectShow compliant M-JPEG2000 codec.
  • JPEG2000 - Information and links relevant to this imaging standard, graphics from the 2d JPEG committee.
  • Migrator 2000 - Aims to develop, demonstrate and disseminate tools for graphics the JPEG 2000 digital imaging standard. The project graphics focuses on image archiving, delivery and medical applications, graphics including the implementation of IPR protection, content description graphics and watermarking.
  • JasPer Project (JPEG-2000 Software) - An open-source initiative to provide a free reference implementation of 2d the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard (i.e., ISO/IEC 2d 15444-1).
  • LEADTOOLS JPEG2000 Plug-in for Developers - Developer SDK for adding JPEG2000 to software applications.
  • JPEG Vs. JPEG2000 Comparison by Amey Purandare - Comparison between JPEG and JPEG2000 file formats for image compression.
  • Esprit Working Group 27100 - A concerted European initiative towards the standardization of 2d JPEG 2000 2d still image compression methods. Objectives, contacts, 2d and participants.

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