DXF 3D Graphics Data Formats

Drawing Exchange Format.

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  • AutoCAD DXF Reference - Official technical information about DXF from its creators Autodesk.
  • DXF2rad - A converter to translate 3D DXF data to the Radiance scene file format, available for multiple platforms.
  • DWG DXF Convert - An AutoCAD DWG/DXF bi-directional translator built using the 3d powerful DWGDXFLib dxf library. It converts an AutoCAD DWG 3d file into an AutoCAD dxf DXF file and vice-versa 3d without the need of AutoCAD. DWG dxf DXF Convert 3d also supports batch conversions of multiple DWG o
  • DXF to OpenGL - This program reads a 3D graphics image file, in the DXF data format, and displays it using OpenGL.

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