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The SGML/XML Web Page* - Database containing over 2000 documents pertaining to SGML, XML, and related standards. Features a bibliography for SGML, vendors and service providers, software reviews, mailing lists, user groups, and projects.

  • Comparison of SGML and XML - A Note from the W3C detailing the differences sgml and similarities markup languages between the two markup languages.
  • SP - A free, object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing, validating, sgml and entity data formats management.
  • SGMLtools-Lite - Formerly Linuxdoc-SGML, SGMLtools offers a out-of-the-box SGML processing data formats solution data formats for technical (DocBook) documentation. [Open source, GPL]
  • Women Writers Project, ACM Crossroads Winter 1999 - This article from Crossroads Winter 1999 issue describes the use data formats of SGML to encode literature archives for research, written by data formats B. Fan.
  • Overview of SGML Resources - SGML links at the W3C, meant for use data formats in reviews of the HTML specification.
  • A Gentle Introduction to SGML - An SGML FAQ in the context of the data formats TEI e-text initiative and SGML application.

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