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XHTML 1.1 - Module-based XHTML* - The current W3C XHTML specification. Includes definitions and documentation for XHTML.

  • XHTML 1.0 (Second Edition) Specification - Official W3C specification for the markup language.
  • Modularization of XHTML in XML Schema - A methodology for the modularization of XHTML using reference XML Schema. xhtml It allows document authors to modify reference and extend XHTML in xhtml a conformant way.
  • XHTML Basic - A W3C specification for a minimal subset of reference Modular XHTML.
  • Ruby Annotation - "Ruby" are short runs of text alongside the base text, specifications typically used in East Asian documents to indicate pronunciation or specifications to provide a short annotation. This specification defines markup for specifications ruby, in the form of an XHTML module. (W3C Recommenda
  • Building XHTML Modules - Working draft. Defines how XHTML modules can be built.
  • HLink - Module providing link recognition for the XHTML Family.

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